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Learn Portuguese: YouTube Channels to Improve Your Skills


Learning a new language is all about interaction and discipline. Luckily, there are millions of video channels online in foreign languages to help immerse you in your target language—something that many language learning apps, for example, tend not to facilitate.

As you learn Portuguese, YouTube channels can be a wonderful supplement to your studies. But imagine how much work it would be to go through every channel, trying to figure out which ones are worthwhile. Beginners, in particular, would have difficulty distinguishing good content from bad content. 

This is where PortuguesePod101 steps in. 

We’ve compiled a master list of the top channels to learn Portuguese on YouTube. These channels fall into a variety of categories, from those with formal language lessons to more laidback cooking channels and vloggers. This way, you’ll definitely be able to find a channel that fits your interests and language learning needs! 

Before we begin, let’s talk about the number-one destination for studying Portuguese on YouTube: the PortuguesePod101 YouTube channel. In our videos, we apply a structured teaching approach that’s captivating for the learner. Condensed tips, full-length lessons, fun facts, exercises… We combine some of the best features of each channel on our list in a practical and effective way.

Now, let’s take it step-by-step. Meet the top ten YouTube channels for improving your Portuguese.

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  1. EuroPortuguese LA
  2. Tim Explica
  3. Arquivo Nacional
  4. Um Gordo na Cozinha
  5. Hello, Rusty
  6. Celso Portiolii
  7. Who’s Geek
  8. Olhar Angolano
  9. Learn Portuguese with PortuguesePod101.com
  10. Conclusion

1. EuroPortuguese LA

Category: Educational

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Looking for European Portuguese YouTube channels? EuroPortuguese LA is a bona fide independent education channel focused on teaching Portuguese from the perspective of Portugal. This means that the grammar is adjusted to the subtleties of the European country’s version of the language.

The lessons are extremely short, presenting useful tips and structured content. You’ll also find that the European Portuguese readings are both short and interesting, often featuring lines of poetry.

There are resources for beginners, as well as a few lessons for intermediate learners who want to improve their Portuguese speaking skills. This channel is particularly useful for those who want to work on their pronunciation

2. Tim Explica

Category: Expat / Vlog / Lifestyle

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Tim is an American who lives in Brazil and hosts a lifestyle vlog in Portuguese. For many years, he has commented on various Brazilian themes and situations from a foreigner’s point of view.

For instance, it’s fun and interesting to watch him visit a typical market in Goiás or attend the Carnival of Bahia. A bonus for language learners is that his videos often feature local slang and interactions, which makes his vlog one of the most easygoing and educational YouTube channels to learn Portuguese.

Another interesting thing about his vlog is that he sometimes analyzes Brazilians speaking English and points out their train of thought and pronunciation—this might be an interesting “reverse engineering” exercise. Lately, he’s also been performing some stand-up comedy.

3. Arquivo Nacional

Category: History / Culture

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Arquivo Nacional is Brazil’s National Archive. Its YouTube channel may be institutional, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring! In fact, this is one of the best Portuguese learning YouTube channels, showing a variety of mentalities and cultural points of view.

This channel is constantly updated with newsreels and archives of Brazilian music, arts, geography, and politics. Some examples of video topics in the archive include:

  • Presentations of Brazilian cities
  • Profiles of actors, actresses, and singers
  • Short documentaries
  • Art exhibitions
  • Military and political reports
  • Miscellaneous press and RP reports

The narration is normally clear, and the videos give privileged insight concerning some noticeable events of the twentieth century in Brazil.

4. Um Gordo na Cozinha

Category: Food

Level: Advanced

Firstly, this channel is presented by a gaucho (from Rio Grande do Sul, that is) chef in Brazil, José Luiz de Souza. This is an interesting opportunity for foreign speakers to get in touch with this dialect from the South of Brazil. In addition to the accent, these videos feature very specific gaucho words and manners from that region.

This is a wonderful place to discover Portuguese recipes on YouTube, and many southern dishes (a mix of Italian, Argentinian, and Brazilian food). José also presents viewers with useful cooking tips, and many of his videos feature heavy machinery and exclusive equipment designed to help feed a lot of people. 

Finally, the production of this channel is very nice. Some Portuguese YouTube channels have good content but are a little tough on the eyes. But this one was tailored for TV channels in Brazil and is now available on YouTube.

5. Hello, Rusty

Category: Educational

Level: Beginner

Rusty is a Brazilian language enthusiast and creates very interesting videos to help English speakers learn Portuguese.

This young teacher is a native speaker and utilizes a very resourceful teaching approach. She presents news, tricks, music, and more, in short but very effective lessons. Sometimes her YouTube Portuguese lessons are taught in English, and other times in Portuguese (she speaks slowly).

At the time of this writing, the channel has not been updated in a while. Fortunately, there are nearly eighty videos available for you to enjoy. Learn Brazilian Portuguese in baby steps with this sympathetic teacher.

6. Celso Portiolii

Category: Vlog / Lifestyle

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

This is the channel of a popular Brazilian TV show host and major celebrity. Portiolli has been a man of the media since he was young, working on various radio stations and becoming an elected member of the city council of Ponta Porã.

Then, he migrated to TV in the early 1990s and stayed there until 2017. Since 2016, he’s been developing a personal YouTube channel.

This channel is a mix of interesting and humorous, if odd, content. After all, watching a 6’1″ 52-year-old man bake a giant Toblerone in his kitchen brings up mixed feelings. 

Still, the channel is packed with irreverent content (recipes, music parodies, personal vlogs), its host is charismatic, and the visual language is very swift and modern. It’s definitely a fun way to practice listening comprehension skills, especially for kids.

7. Who’s Geek

Category: Geek Culture / Literature

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Pop culture is a very compelling niche for many users of the virtual world. And inside this niche, there’s the ever-expanding geek culture. This is one of our top Portuguese YouTube channel picks for people interested in geek culture, reading, and similar topics.

The hosts discuss books and authors in varying degrees of depth, making this channel best suited for intermediate and advanced learners. Since there’s a big focus on classic authors (especially sci-fi writers), there’s a lot of common ground to start threading into your Portuguese studies.

Also, the discussions and reviews on this channel cover both national and international books. This can offer you unique insight into the differences of theme and approach in works from different cultures.

8. Olhar Angolano

Category: History / News

Level: Intermediate

This Portuguese news YouTube channel, hosted by Franscisco Venâncio, is constantly updated with videos covering the latest news concerning Angola and international politics, as well as national history. It’s a good opportunity to become acquainted with Angola’s version of Portuguese and its history.

Some of the most interesting historic videos from this channel are those that describe the founding of Angola’s capital Luanda, and the demographic formation of the country. Another fascinating video is one that describes the relationship of the African Kingdoms of Congo and Ndongo, and the development of slave trafficking to the Americas.

Olhar Angolano also presents Angolan news and opinion polls on matters of daily life. This content is interesting in that it creates a notion of the local customs and the prevalent questions that make headlines in the country.

9. Learn Portuguese with PortuguesePod101.com

Category: Language Learning

Level: All levels

The PortuguesePod101 YouTube channel is the perfect complement to our website. We offer the best Portuguese lessons on YouTube, with tons of useful features: listening and reading exercises, vocabulary learning lessons, videos on cultural topics, and much more! 

In addition to our actual language and culture videos, we provide content describing how to make the most of your study time with practical tips. Our channel currently features hundreds of videos, and we’re constantly updating our channel and adding more. In fact, you can check our channel at literally any time and face a constant stream of lessons and tips.

Our approach of thorough exposition, in conjunction with our informal and methodical insights, is very effective for learners at every level. Tune in to learn the Portuguese language on YouTube in the most fun and effective way possible!

10. Conclusion

We hope that these top YouTube channels for learning Portuguese will fill any cultural or linguistic gaps in your studies and stimulate your appetite for knowledge.

Being able to listen to and watch the differences between European and Brazilian culture is a great way to understand other lifestyles and become more familiar with the language. Still, interaction is paramount when it comes to new languages. PortuguesePod101 provides the most interesting tools and interactive lessons for learners at various levels, from beginner to expert. Don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your hands!

Before you go, we’d love to hear what your favorite Portuguese YouTube channels are! We look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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