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Gengo WordPower Updated! But can it make you fluent?

Probably not, but it can get you pretty close. This little app does pack a massive punch - master all the words and you’ll reach 80% comprehension, or in other words, daily conversational level!

But if Gengo WordPower wasn’t powerful enough already, we’ve went ahead and added more power!

In Case You Didnt Know…
The Gengo WordPower App provides you with the Core 2000 Portuguese words. According to experts, knowing 2000 puts you at over 80% comprehension (exact number varies per language).

So Whats New?

  • A new sleek black interface & smooth navigation which lets you breeze through your studying.
  • The new Flashcard system - you will remember those words because the flashcards wont let you go until you do.
  • Go behind the scenes of learning with new Reference Materials - Why should you study? You’ll find out with Gengo WordPower.
  • Gengo WordPower is great for every day situations - whether you’re going to the bank, the doctor, or the airport. We’ve categorized the words down into 75 categories as well!

    Here’s how you learn:

    The core 2000 words are broken into 75 unique categories - which you go through like levels in a video game!

    When you come across words that just wont stick in your brain, place them in the WordBank. Then, review your list of words with Flashcards until you remember.

    And if you’re embarrassed about your pronunciation, wait til you hear mine! You can listen to a native speaker’s pronunciation - record your own - and compare the two.

    Gengo WordPower

    Gengo Wordpower is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
    Try the Free WordPower Lite or access all features with Gengo WordPower.