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How to Speak Portuguese

So, you’ve taken the leap and you’re learning how to speak Portuguese, good for you! This language is beautiful and rich, with smooth silky intonations and a gorgeous, fluid flow.

You might be wondering where to start, and we’re here to help! Set yourself up for success with these 5 first-class tips on learning how to speak Portuguese

  1. Determine how much time you expect to spend learning the Portuguese language. This will most likely be determined by how much time you have available to complete your Portuguese lessons, but also the timeframe that you’ve given yourself for learning the language. If you’re going on a trip in a few months and want to learn how to speak Portuguese fluently before then, you might have a tighter turnaround time than you would if you were learning for leisure, with no real time constraints.
  2. Listen to the PortuguesePod101 podcast daily so that your mind has a chance to absorb all of the material that you’re taking in. The phonetics of the language are much easier to acquire if you’re hearing it on a regular basis, so make sure that you’re listening to the language and reading daily. Pick up the podcast or even a Portuguese publication. 10 minutes a day can be the difference between knowing enough to get by and speaking fluently!
  3. In order to master the Portuguese language, you should build your vocabulary by focusing on Portuguese words. If it helps, take a run through a Portuguese Dictionary and practice writing and speaking at least 5 commonly used words per day.
  4. Studying can be a drag, but your Portuguese lessons certainly don’t have to be! At PortugesePod101 for instance, there are so many helpful tools and fun activities to help you learn Portuguese in a relaxing and enjoyable manner. Learning the language should be just as fun as being able to speak it!
  5. Start off slowly. If you rush yourself, you will only get frustrated and be more apt to just scrap it. Pace yourself and hold yourself accountable for your learning. The process is so incredibly rewarding, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without knowing a second (or third, or fourth!) language!