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Portuguese (Brazilian) Vocabulary

So, you’ve decided to learn How to speak Portuguese (Brazilian)! Brazil is an affluent country, rich with culture, diversity and best of all, coffee!

If you find yourself travelling for business, or are headed to Brazil on a student placement to study, you will need to learn at least some of the Portuguese (Brazilian) language in order to get around town buy groceries or find the nearest beach.

There are so many resources available that can assist you in picking up on this brilliant language, including the PortuguesePod101 podcast, Portuguese (Brazilian) dictionary and Portuguese (Brazilian) phrases.

Pace yourself when you first start out, otherwise you run the risk of overwhelming yourself and burning out. The process should be fun and stress-free. Heck, you’re learning a new language make sure that you give yourself ample time in a relaxing environment to enjoy your incredible accomplishment!

Grab a dictionary and learn the Portuguese (Brazilian) alphabet. When we were learning as kids in school, the first thing we are taught is the alphabet, as it is the foundation of every single language around the world!

Once you’ve got the alphabet down, you can use the dictionary to figure out how words are spoken and how they are used in sentences. The dictionary contains

Portuguese (Brazilian) accents, which give you pronunciation clues to help you along the way. Pronouncing the word wrong can sometimes change the meanings of the sentence or question entirely!

It is not difficult to learn Portuguese (Brazilian), so long as you have the right tools of the trade available to you. Make up some flash cards, or bounce some frequently used phrases off of a friend. Meet up with a group of native Portuguese speakers (if you know them, of course) and ask that they speak to you strictly in Portuguese. Have them correct you along the way and before you know what happened, you’ll be not only joining in on the conversation, but understanding the language as well!

So whether you’re setting sail to sunny Brazil for pleasure or jetting off for business, having an overflowing Portuguese (Brazilian) vocabulary will definitely be an asset to you in your travels. Enjoy and good luck!