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Portuguese (Brazilian) Lessons

There are many romantic languages that we are familiar with today. We even use some of the famous phrases from those languages in our everyday speech, and we don’t even realize it! When we use “Mi Amore”, we are speaking Italian, and when we say “oui oui” we are speaking French. The romantic languages roll off of our tongues and into our hearts and we are stunned before we even know what hit us.

The Portuguese (Brazilian) culture is ripe with ethnic diversity, beauty and depth, in much of the same ways as the Portuguese (Brazilian) language is. In fact, 99% of Brazilians speak Portuguese, which is a huge feat for their national identity in the world’s eye!

Learning the Portuguese (Brazilian) language can be just as romantic as the language itself. With just a few Portuguese (Brazilian) lessons, you can learn some key Portuguese (Brazilian) phrases and carry on simple conversations with others who speak the language.

If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with the Portuguese (Brazilian) language, then the best way to accomplish that would be the three p’s. practice, practice, practice! by virtue of hard work and determination, you can start to learn Portuguese (Brazilian) vocabulary words and be ready to form sentences and even converse within a matter of weeks.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to have a background in French or Spanish, learning Portuguese will be a simple as apple pie, as the languages have a number of similarities that are threaded between them.

For the best possible chance of success, subscribe to the PortugesePod101 podcast to help along your Portuguese (Brazilian) lessons. Learning the ins and outs of the linguistic component of the language can go a long way towards learning how to speak the language.

Maximize your learning experience by scheduling a time, preferably the same time, once or twice a week in order to finish your Portuguese (Brazilian) lessons. Discipline is just as much a part of learning a language as it is doing anything else in life like working at the office, school assignments or even sports practice.

Portuguese (Brazilian) is a beautiful language and whether you’re speaking it to a loved one, or a local in Brazil, you’re sure to succeed with a little hard work and dedication.