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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Olá! Tudo O.K.?

Share bug names you know!

Friday at 05:13 PM
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That's true. I call it "pernilongo" (long legs) hahaha

It's a fun name, but I like it!

Maybe because it looks like "Pernalonga", the way we call Bugs Bunny in Portuguese.


But actually if you say "mosquito" people may understand you also.^^

Have you ever heard the word "pernilongo"?

Thursday at 10:23 PM
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Hi Paloma!

I'm with you on that one! Baratas are nasty. I do quite like borboletas (butterflies), though.

I learned that the word for mosquito was "muriรงoca" but I've noticed that different regions of Brazil have different names for mosquitos. What do you call mosquitos?

Thursday at 10:11 AM
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"Barata"!! (cockroach)

I actually don't know where this word comes from, but that's a bug I definitively hate! hahaha