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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Anybody ever spent a lot of time on a farm? Do you like farm life?

Friday at 04:17 PM
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There are also some animals that you can see almost in all Brazil.

Where I lived, I usually see bugios (Brown Howler), araras (Macaw) and quatis (Nasua).

By the way, which are the typical animals from your country?

Friday at 11:29 AM
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@ Peyton

Brazilian animals, eh? Well, I had an encounter in Mato Grosso with a sucuri (anaconda) and another a few days later with some caranguejeiras (type of big tarantula). A few months after that while in Tocantins (near where the did a series of Survivor) I went fishing and caught several piranhas (piranas).

Some other good animal names are:

Jacarรฉ - aligator

Tamanduรก - ant eater

Onรงa - jaguar

Hope those helped!

When are you planning on coming to Brazil?

Friday at 10:22 AM
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Hi Braden and Paloma,

Thank you for your responses. I've never been to the zoo in Tokyo, but in Nagoya I went a couple times. What kinds of animals are unique to Brazil, though? I'd be interested in reading up on it.


Thursday at 08:48 PM
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Hello Peyton,

I agree with you, in Tokyo there are only "cachorros"(dogs) and "gatos"(cats).

I have been to the zoo in Tokyo, and it's fun because I could see many animals we don't have in Brazil.

By the way, do you know any Brazilian animal?

Thursday at 08:30 PM
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Haha! :lol:

Tokyo?! Yeah, not too many farms left in a city that size. But I know there are lots of Brazilians in Tokyo and Nagoya areas.

I bet they have some interesting animals at the zoo. I went to the zoo in Brasรญlia a few years ago and learned all sorts of great animal words.

Have you ever been to the zoo in Tokyo?

Thursday at 07:25 PM
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Not too many wild animals still live in Tokyo. You see a lot of people with small dogs, though.

Thursday at 10:11 AM
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Hey Peyton! Thanks for the comment!

My favorite farm word is "boi" which means "bull." It sounds just like the word "boy" in English.

What kinds of animals do you see in your city?

Wednesday at 05:59 PM
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It's pretty interesting learning all these animal names. Now that I live in the city, I don't have as many chances to see these kinds of animals. Does anyone have any good farm terms that we can study along with these?