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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson, we'll cover phrases used for apologizing. Since you haven’t quite mastered Portuguese, it's probably a good idea to go over the phrases for apologizing, as they’ll probably come in handy.
One of the most common ways to say “Excuse me” or “Pardon me,” in Portuguese is
Com licença.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Com li-cen-ça.
Once more:
Com licença.
This expression can be used when you want to get someone’s attention, before asking a question to a stranger, like directions for instance, or when you’re trying to work your way in a crowd. Just say Com licença!
The most common form of apologizing is desculpa which is equivalent to the English “sorry”.
Lets hear it again:
(slow) des-cul-pa
Literally desculpar is a verb that means “un-guilt".
If you want to be more polite, you just have to change the verb a little. It will become:
(slow) Des-cul-pe
If you want to be very apologetic, or if you’re concerned you've just offended or hurt someone , you can say Perdoa-me, por favor. Literally, this phrase means “Forgive me, please”.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Per-do-a-me, por fa-vor.
Once more:
Perdoa-me, por favor.
The first word, perdoa, is a form of the verb “perdoar” which means “to forgive”
(slow) per-do-a
The second word, me, is a pronoun that means "me".
And last we have por favor which means "please."
Altogether, we have
(slow) Per-do-a-me, por fa-vor.
Perdoa-me, por favor.


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Have someone ever done something so terrible to you that he had to say Perdoa-me, por favor?

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Why isthis structured so I must listen to the music and lengthy English introduction every single time on each of these 3 minute lessons. Not helpful and no need to keep repeating the same simple directions !?!

And big time waster !