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Lesson Transcript

In Portugal there are many delicious dishes! We've already covered how to order them, but now it’s time to learn how to eat them! That is not always so obvious. In this lesson, we'll learn how to ask, “How do you eat this?"
In Portuguese, “How do you eat this?” is
Como se come isto?
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Co-mo se co-me is-to?
Once more:
Como se come isto?
The first word, Como, means “how.”
(slow) Co-mo.
Then we have se come, which is translated as “to eat”
(slow) se co-me.
se come.
Next comes isto , which means “this”
(slow) is-to.
The whole question once again is:
Como se come isto? literally translated as “How is eaten this?”
Usually it is easy to understand how a certain Portuguese dish has to be eaten, yet if you deal with traditional meals then things might get a little bit complicated. Also you have to know that pork meat is very common for Portuguese dishes. This will make the food heavy. When you are worried about calories here is a useful phrase for you.
The question "Is this food heavy?" in Portuguese is
Esta comida é pesada?
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Es-ta co-mi-da é pe-sa-da?
Once more:
Esta comida é pesada?
The first word, esta , means “this” and comida means “food”. The two words together make esta comida (this food).
(slow) es-ta co-mi-da.
esta comida.
Next we have é, which is a form of the verb that means “to be”
(slow) É.
And at the end comes the word pesada which means “heavy”.
(slow) pe-sa-da.
All together, it becomes
(slow) Es-ta co-mi-da é pe-sa-da?
Esta comida é pesada?
The whole phrase literally means
“This food is heavy?”

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