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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to a phrase that will help you get to places you need to be! In some places, trains and subways are the way to travel, but it's also very useful to know how to rent a car, scooter, or bicycle.
In Portuguese, “I want to rent a car” is
Queria alugar um carro.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Que-ri-a a-lu-gar um car-ro.
Once more:
Queria alugar um carro.
The first word, Queria is a form of the verb that means “to want”.
(slow) Que-ri-a.
Next comes alugar, which is translated as “to rent”
(slow) a-lu-gar.
Then we have um carro which means “a car”.
(slow) um car-ro.
um carro.
The whole sentence again:
(slow) Queria a-lu-gar um car-ro.
Queria alugar um carro.
“Motorbike” in Portuguese is mota.
(slow) Mo-ta.
It’s a feminine noun, therefore we need to change um for uma.
Let’s use it in our sentence now:
Queria alugar uma mota.
(slow) Queria a-lu-gar uma mo-ta.
Queria alugar uma mota.
If you like to ride bikes, the word for bike in Portuguese is
(slow) Bi-ci-cle-ta
It’s also a feminine noun, so here we use uma.
The sentence that will help you to rent a bike is -
Queria alugar uma bicicleta.
(slow) Que-ri-a a-lu-gar uma bi-ci-cle-ta
Queria alugar uma bicicleta.
If you're renting something, it's also important to know when you must return it! This is the phrase you can use to make sure you return it on time.
In Portuguese, “When do I have to return it?” is:
Quando preciso devolver?
(slow)Quando pre-ci-so de-vol-ver?
Quando preciso devolver?
The first word Quando means “when.”
(slow) Quan-do.
Next we have preciso, a verb that means “need”.
(slow) pre-ci-so.
Next we have devolver a verb that means “return” or "to give back."
(slow) de-vol-ver.
Let’s hear the whole sentence one more time
(slow) Quan-do pre-ci-so de-vol-ver?
Quando preciso devolver?
Literally, this means “When do I need to return it?”
You may want to return it at a different location. In Portuguese “Can I return it somewhere else?” is
Poderia devolver em outro lugar?
(slow) Po-de-ri-a de-vol-ver em ou-tro lu-gar?
The first word, poderia, is a form of the verb that means “to be able to” or "it is possible."
(slow) Po-de-ri-a.
Next we have devolver, translated as “to return”
(slow) De-vol-ver.
And then we have em which means “in”
(slow) em.
Next we have outro which means “other”
(slow) Ou-tro.
And at the end of the question there is lugar which means “place”.
(slow) Lu-gar.
The entire sentence again:
(slow) Po-de-ri-a de-vol-ver em ou-tro lu-gar?
Poderia devolver em outro lugar?
The answer usually is yes, sim in Portuguese, and after that you will hear the name of the location.
If you’re unlucky, they’ll say Não, não é possível. which means “No, it is not possible.”
(slow) Não, Não é pos-sí-vel.
Não, Não é possível.


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