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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to some more useful phrases for hotels and the like. The first phrase is “When do I pay the room fee?” In Portuguese, this is: Quando pago pelo quarto?
Let’s break it down:
Quando pa-go pe-la a-co-mo-da-ção?
Once more:
Quando pago pela acomodação?
The first word, Quando, means “when” in English.
(slow) Quan-do .
Then you have pago, which means “pay”.
(slow) pa-go.
After that you have pelo quarto, which is “for the room.”
(slow) a-co-mo-da-ção.
All together:
(slow) Quando pa-go pe-lo quarto?
Quando pago pelo quarto?
“When do I pay the room fee?”
Let’s try to ask, “Can you give me some soap?” In Portuguese this is: "Queria um sabonete." Literally, this is "I would like some soap." which might seem vague, but that indirectness makes it polite.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Que-ri-a um sa-bo-ne-te.
Once more:
Queria um sabonete.
The first word, queria, is a verb translated as “I would like”.
(slow) que-ri-a.
Next we have um sabonete which is translated as “a soap”.
(slow) um sa-bo-ne-te.
um sabonete.
All together it is
(slow) Que-ri-a um sa-bo-ne-te.
Queria um sabonete.
Here are some additional things you may ask for when you are staying in a hotel.
toalha which means “Towel” .
(slow) To-a-lha.
escova de dentes which is “Toothbrush” .
(slow) es-co-va de den-tes
escova de dentes
Pasta de dentes which is “Toothpaste”.
(slow) Pas-ta de den-tes.
Pasta de dentes.
To ask for something else, all you have to do is to replace the word sabonete with any other word from those we just learned. Do not forget to add por favor at the end of the phrase, because it makes your request sound more polite.

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