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Lesson Transcript

This lesson's phrase will help you take matters into your own hands! In this lesson we’ll take a look at the word “please,” which will be very important when you need to ask for something.
In Portuguese, “please” is:
Por favor.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Por fa-vor.
Once more:
Por favor.
Let’s take a closer look at Por favor. The first word is a preposition and is translated as “for”.
(slow) Por.
The second word favor means "favor" or "kindness."
Let’s hear the expression again:
Por favor.
(slow) Por favor.
If you want to be more formal, you can say:
Se faz favor!
(slow) Se faz fa-vor.
Once more:
Se faz favor.
Se means “yourself” in English
(slow) se
And faz is the verb “do”
(slow) faz
And favor means "favor"
Once again, it is Se faz favor.
Se faz favor is the more formal expression of “please” and depending on intonation, it can be perceived as very imperative. Said gently, it means “please” but said more aggressively, it means “excuse me”.
When you want to ask for something specifically, say Isto, Por favor for "this please” and Isso, Por favor for "that please."
Isto means “this” and Isso is the word for “that”. These two words are gender neutral so you don't have to worry about the gender for now. We'll get to that in later lessons.
Let’s break the phrases down and hear them one more time:
(slow) Is-to por favor.
Isto, por favor.
(slow) I-sso, por favor.
Isso, por favor.


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Hello, Listeners! Could you make some sentences using 'Please give me' in European Portuguese?


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Hi Miemie,

Thank you for posting.

Please check out these lessons on European Portuguese which also use "please":





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Por favor, podes dar-me ajuda? (Could you make some sentences using ‘Please give me’ in European Portuguese?)

Eu sempre quero de ajuda. Ainda tenho de estudar muito.

Tudo de bom!