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Lesson Transcript

In the last lesson, we learned how to get a waiter’s attention and order food and drinks at a restaurant. Once you have the beverages and entrées you ordered, you can enjoy the mouthwatering meal.
Normally, when the waiter sees that you have finished, he will come to your table and ask in a friendly way, “Would you like anything else?” In Portuguese, this is
Gostaria de mais alguma coisa?
Let’s break that down:
(slow) Gos-ta-ri-a de mais al-gu-ma coi-sa?
Once again:
Gostaria de mais alguma coisa?
In this sentence Gostaria de is a form of the verb which in English is translated as “to like.” and means "would you like."
(slow) Go-sta-ri-a de
Gostaria de.
mais means “more.”
(slow) mais.
And alguma means "some."
(slow) Al-gu-ma.
And last, coisa, which means "thing."
(slow) Coi-sa.
Again, the whole question is
Gostaria de mais alguma coisa?
If you don’t want to order anything else, say
Não, obrigado.
(slow) Não, o-bri-ga-do.
You may recall that não means “no” and Obrigado means “thank you.”
Não, obrigado.
When you’re ready to leave, you’ll want to ask for the check. In Portuguese, “Check, please!” is
A conta, por favor.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) A con-ta, por fa-vor.
Once more:
A conta, por favor.
A conta literally means “the account”, but is translated in English as “the check”.
(slow) A conta
A conta
And after that we have por favor, an expression that you are already acquainted with.
Here’s the whole sentence:
(slow) A con-ta, por fa-vor.
A conta, por favor.


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Hi PortuguesePod101 listeners! After a delicious meal and a fantastic time with friends, time to pay! Do you think it's expensive in Portugal?

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Hi Andy,

You can adjust the audio lesson speed by clicking on the ‘1x’ button next to the volume control icon (you can choose either 0.75x or 0.5x to slow it down) to help you understand the speech better.

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Hi, although I am learning Brazilian Portuguese the Portugal Portuguese specific podcasts are still helpful however the lady in them speaks VERY fast when talking at full speed and it seems a bit much for beginners. It sounds almost as if she is speaking faster than the normal speed which is strange.