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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson we shall see a very useful phrase meaning “I don’t understand.” It is useful, of course, because many times you won’t immediately pick up on what people are saying.
In Portuguese, “I don’t understand” is
Não entendo.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Não en-ten-do.
Once more:
Não entendo.
The poor knowledge of Portuguese language may be one of the reasons for not understanding. In this case say
Não entendo português. This expression is translated in English as “I don’t understand Portuguese”
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Não en-ten-do por-tu-guês.
Não entendo português.
The first word “não” means “no”
(slow) Não.
Next we have entendo a conjugated form of the verb “to understand.”
(slow) En-ten-do.
And the last word “português” means “Portuguese”
(slow) Por-tu-guês.
Another recourse is to tell someone, “I don’t speak Portuguese.”
Eu não falo português.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) Eu não fa-lo por-tu-guês.
Once again:
Eu não falo português.
Eu means I
We already explained the first word não.
This is followed by falo a form of the Portuguese verb translated as “to speak.”
(slow) Fa-lo.
Next we have português the word for “Portuguese”.
Here’s the whole sentence:
(slow) Eu não fa-lo por-tu-guês.
Eu não falo português.

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