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Saturday at 06:30 PM
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Are you planning to rent a vehicle on your trip?

Portuguesepod101.comย ย 
Thursday at 07:46 PM
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Hello Jaw,

Thanks for posting.

The verb "devolver" (to return, to give back) is followed by a direct object pronoun. In this case there is a special form of conjugation:

devolver + o = devolvรช-lo

"devolver" is a second conjugation verb, so we remove the final "r", use a circumflex on the "e" and attach the pronoun to it with a hyphen.

The use of the direct object pronoun "lo" after the infinite verb form makes the pronunciation easier.

This grammar point is a bit advanced for now, but as you advance in the studies it will be easier to understand it and get used to it, so don't worry :wink:


Team Portuguesepod101.com

Thursday at 05:29 PM
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Oi! I don't understand the form 'devolvรช-lo', where is it come from?

Friday at 10:07 AM
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:evil::shock:The last 3 emails the class how to rent a car is same class repeated is funny