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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome to Portuguese Survival Phrases brought to you by PortuguesePod101.com. This course is designed to equip you with the language skills and knowledge to enable you to get the most out of your visit to Brazil. You will be surprised at how far a little Portuguese will go.
Now, before we jump in, remember to stop by PortuguesePod101.com, and there, you will find the accompanying PDF and additional info in the post. If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment.

Lesson focus

There is no impression like the first. In today's lesson, we'll work on leaving a first impression that will last.
In Portuguese, "Nice to meet you." is Prazer em conhecê-lo. Prazer em conhecê-lo.
Let's break it down by syllable: Pra-zer em co-nhe-cê-lo.
Now, let's hear it once again, Prazer em conhecê-lo.
The first word, Prazer means "pleasure."
Let's breakdown this word and hear it one more time. pra-zer.
This is followed by Em, which in English is "in."
So, to recap here, we have Prazer em. Literally, this means "pleasure in."
Let's take a look at the next word, Conhecê-lo, which means "to get to know you." Conhecê-lo.
Let's break this down: co-nhe-cê-lo.
And one time fast, Conhecê-lo.
So all together, we have Prazer em conhecê-lo.
Literally this this translates to "Pleasure in meeting you," or more clearly, "Nice to meet you."
Now, for the next phrase, we'll need a name, so I will use mine.
In Portuguese, "I am Luciane Chase" is Sou Luciane Chase. Sou Luciane Chase.
Let's break it down by syllable: Sou Lu-ci-a-ne Chase.
Now, here it is once again, Sou Luciane Chase.
The first word Sou means "I am." Sou
This is followed by my first name, Luciane. Luciane
Last, we have my last name, Chase, which is an English name, so you don't need me to break it down.
So all together, we have Sou Luciane Chase. Literally, this means "I am Luciane Chase."
Cultural Insights
Now, please be aware that English has many sounds that Portuguese doesn't have which makes the probability of them pronouncing your name correctly very low. When you say your name, Brazilians will try to pronounce it. But since their pronunciation rules are so different, they rarely get it right. For example, I have a friend whose name is Derek Tucker. Simple name in English, but I only met four people who could say his name correctly the first time. Derek wasn't too hard, but Chucky, Chacker, Toockeh were some of the more common attempts at this last name, Tucker.