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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome to Portuguese Survival Phrases brought to you by PortuguesePod101.com, this course is designed to equip you with the language skills and knowledge to enable you to get the most out of your visit to Brazil. You will be surprised at how far a little Portuguese will go.
Now, before we jump in, remember to stop by PortuguesePod101.com and there, you will find the accompanying PDF. If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment.

Lesson focus

In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to another useful phrase for locating new places.
Today’s phrase is “Is there a (place) around here?”
Let's use a “bank” as our destination.
Now, in Brazil the word for ”bank” (banco) is a homonym with the word for ”bench” (also banco), so when you need a ”bank” (banco), usually you use the name of said bank.
So let’s use the Bradesco bank.
Let’s break it down by syllable: Bradesco
In Portuguese, " Is there a Bradesco around here?” is Tem Bradesco por aqui?
Let’s break it down by syllable: Tem Bradesco por aqui?
And one time fast: Tem Bradesco por aqui?
The first word, tem means "there is.”
Now, let's hear this word one more time: tem
Next, we have our location or the name of our bank, Bradesco.
So to recap here, we have Tem Bradesco.
Literally, this means "There is a Bradesco.” but if you raise your voice at the end, it means “Is there a Bradesco?”
Let's take a look at the next word, por. This word has several meanings but in this situation it means "around.”
The last word we have is aqui, which means "here.”
So all together, we have: Tem Bradesco por aqui?
Literally, this means "Is there a Bradesco around here?”
Now to ask for a different place, we can just replace the word Bradesco with any other word and the phrase works just fine. Let’s try Post office, which in Portuguese is correios.
We don't have the synonym problem here so the generic term Correios is fine.
So the new phrase is Tem correios por aqui?
Tem correios por aqui?
Tem correios por aqui?
The only thing that changes is the thing you are looking for. In this case, it’s correios.
Let's break down these words and hear them one more time: correios
Brazil has many different kinds of banks; national banks, state banks, federal banks, etc. For international travelers Bradesco is usually the best because they have buildings and ATMs everywhere and they either don't charge you to withdraw money or charge very little. The next best one is the HSBC bank which is a huge international bank and very hospitable to foreigners but HSBC is kind of hard to find. It is probably the easiest bank to use because they often have English speaking employees but there just aren't that many branches in Brazil. Bradesco has ATMs at the almost every mall, outlet store, flea market, post office, and hair salon you'll find. Another bank, Banco 24 Horas is pretty common but they charge very high withdraw fees.
Another bank that has lots of ATMs is the Banco do Brasil. They always have bright yellow signs with blue lettering so you can't miss them but in my experience you kind of hit and miss here. I've had some of my smoothest and also some of my most irritating experiences trying to get money out of a Banco do Brazil ATM.
So, to recap, Bradesco is the best because of availability and services provided. Next we have HSBC, for superior services but kind of hard to find. Then Banco do Brasil for ease of finding them but low probability of you actually getting any money out of them. And lastly Banco 24 Horas because they charge so much.


Okay, to close out this lesson, we'd like you to practice what you've just learned. I'll provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you're responsible for saying it aloud. You have a few seconds before I give you the answer, so boa sorte!
"Is there a Bradesco around here?" - Tem Bradesco por aqui?
Tem Bradesco por aqui?
Tem Bradesco por aqui?
"Is there a post office around here?" - Tem correios por aqui?
Tem correios por aqui?
Tem correios por aqui?
Alright, that's going to do it for today. Remember to stop by PortuguesePod101.com and pick up the accompanying PDF. If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment.