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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Did you get it right?

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Friday at 07:07 PM
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Olรก, William Chu,

mรก = female form of bad.

mau = male form.

Ela รฉ uma mulher mรก = She is a bad woman.

Ele รฉ um homem mau = He is a bad man

but ruim is neutral. You can use with boys or girls as an adjective.

Ele/Ela รฉ ruim.

*mal is an adverb of manner = I feel bad = Me sinto mal*

He barely drives = ele dirige mal

Keep sharing with us!



Team PortuguesePod101.com

William Chu
Thursday at 10:30 PM
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So "ma" can mean bad. Can I use "mal" or "ruim" instead?