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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, Paloma here, tudo bem? Welcome to Portuguese weekly words, Holiday edition. The holiday for today is International Women's Day.
1. Dia Internacional das Mulheres "International Women's Day"
It’s not a holiday but people still celebrated it, especially man or kids flowers to women. Every year I used to receive small chocolate from the school, just to say, you know ,thank you for all the women here.
O Dia Internacional da Mulher é dia 08 de março. "International Women's Day is on March 8th."
2. buquê "bouquet"
I guess it’s the same in Portuguese. Bouquet and flowers are very common gifts during Women's Day, because, you know, they are so delicate they remember the femininity, I think?
Eu ganhei um lindo buquê de rosas no Dia da Mulher. "I got a beautiful bouquet of roses on Women’s Day."
3. mimo "small gift"
I really like this word, mimo. It sounds so Brazilian to me. You can say
É só um mimo. "It's just a small gift."
It’s just a mimo, you know, it’s just to make the person happy. É só um mimo.
4. direitos femininos "women's rights"
Actually on Women's Day we should celebrate women's right because you can see all the changes that happen in the last years for women that didn't have the space companies or business, and now they have more space and more equality, but still there's a long way to go.
Aquela advogada luta pelos direitos das mulheres. "That lawyer fights for women’s rights."
5. Dilma Rousseff "Dilma Rousseff (first female president of Brazil, elected in 2011)"
Dilma was the first female president of Brazil, we also had a female candidate, Mariana Silva was also one of the big contenders for 2011 elections. But you can see women are trying to get to the top in Brazil, too.
Dilma foi a primeira presidente mulher do Brasil. "Dilma was the first female president of Brazil."
That’s the end, thanks a lot for watching. I hope you enjoy our video! Don't forget to give a hug, or a gift, or a chocolate to your friends, your female friends. And see you next time, bye-bye, tchau!

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