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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone! Paloma here! Welcome to our Portuguese Weekly Words, Holiday edition! So the holiday for today is Our Lady of Aparecida.
1. Nossa Senhora Aparecida "Our Lady of Aparecida"
On this day people go to church, and especially to the Aparecida city to celebrate the discovery of this Saint.
O dia de Nossa Senhora Aparecida é em 12 de outubro. "Our Lady Aparecida day is on October 12th."
2. Rio Paraíba "Paraiba River"
This is the river where they found the image of the Saint, so this is why we call her Aparecida, or “appeared”, because she appeared in the middle of the river.
O rio Paraíba foi onde se encontrou a imagem de Nossa Senhora. "The Paraiba river is where they found the image of Our Lady."
3. catolicismo "catholicism"
Since Brazil is a Catholic country, on October 12 people go to Aparecida city to pay respect and thank and ask for favors to Our Lady Aparecida.
O catolicismo é muito forte no Brasil. "The catholicism is very strong in Brazil."
4. basílica "basilica"
Our Lady Aparecida basilica is located in Aparecida city, very close to São Paulo.
Milhares de devotos vão à basílica de Nossa Senhora. "Thousands of devotes go to Our Lady basilica."
5. peregrinação "pilgrimage"
So during this time in October, thousands and thousands of people they make caravans and groups of people to go to basilica to thank Our Lady, or to ask her for more favors.
Algumas peregrinações podem durar dias ou até meses. "Some pilgrimages can take days or even months."
Okay, I hope you enjoy our lesson today, I also hope you enjoy also our view, here is Ilha Comprida, or Long Islands, very near to São Paulo. Okay, see you next time, thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe. Tchau tchau!


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Hi William,

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Just a minor issue:

We say "Nossa Senhora Aparecida" for "Our Lady Aparecida".

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Oi, bom dia.

Eu gosto de "Nossa Senhora Parecida".