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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, Paloma here. Welcome to another Portuguese weekly words, Holiday edition. So let’s see what holiday we have to talk about today. Boyfriends and Girlfriends Day!
Dia dos namorados “Boyfriends and Girlfriends Day” or “Lovers' Day”
So, this is a very important day for Brazilian couples, because they go out and hang out together and they have a great time and it’s very similar to Valentine’s Day in America or in any other country but the difference is that we celebrate it in June and not in February as other places. A sample sentence would be:
O dia dos namorados é no dia 12 de junho.
Boyfriends and Girlfriends day is on June 12th.
Santo Antônio, o santo casamenteiro “St. Anthony of Padua” – the patriot saint of weddings.
So, this saint is very famous in Brazil because he is kind of a matchmaker. So, when a boy or a girl can’t find a husband or a wife, they just ask this saint for some help. And a sample sentence would be:
O dia de Santo Antônio é dia 13 de junho.
Saint Anthony's day is on June 13th.
Okay, so that means the Boyfriends and Girlfriends Day is one day before the St. Anthony’s Day.
namorado / namorada “boyfriend or girlfriend.”
A very nice tradition we have in Brazil is that when a boy is going to ask a girl to be his girlfriend, he usually gives her a ring. So it is usually a silver ring and we use it on our right hand and it’s called aliança de compromisso or “compromise ring.” So let’s see a sample sentence.
Eu ganhei uma aliança de compromisso do meu namorado.
I got a compromise ring from my boyfriend.
encontro “date”
So encontros in Brazil are just like in any other country. We just go out to a nice restaurant or have a nice romantic trip and we just like to spend time with the person we like.
Eu marquei um encontro com o meu namorado amanhã.
I got a date with my boyfriend tomorrow.
simpatias “sympathies”
Simpatia is something we do to ask St. Anthony to give us a boyfriend or a girlfriend, usually girls do that to ask for a husband. A very famous one is that you get the saint image and you turn it upside down and it’s kind of asking him if he doesn’t give you the husband, you are not going to turn it up again. So, yeah, that’s one of the most famous simpatias.
Eu fiz uma simpatia para pedir um marido.
I did a sympathy to ask for a husband.
So thanks a lot for watching and I hope to see you in our next video and I hope you check out our website too. So beijo, tchau tchau!


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