Lesson Transcript

You want to learn a language and succeed, right? But where do you start and what do you do? There's grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing. So much to do, and no clear pathway to follow. And it can feel overwhelming, right?
But what IF you had a clear, step-by-step path of lessons. That taught you everything you need to know. And took you from Absolute Beginner to Advanced. And all you have to do is just follow the pathway.
Well, you can do just that with our Recommended Learning Pathway.
But, if you don't yet have access…
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So, how does our Recommended Pathway help you learn the language fast?
One: You get a clear starting point.
With any goal you have, it's important to know where to start and what steps to take. Otherwise, you quickly get discouraged. So, that's where our recommended pathway comes in.
The pathway is simply a collection of audio and video lessons to learn with. And assessments that test you on what you’ve learned in the last few lessons. So, you get a clear, step-by-step pathway of lessons laid out for you.
Just follow the pathway, complete the lessons, do the assessments and that's it! You'll find the Recommended Pathway on your dashboard and in the Lesson Library.
Two: You get lessons that are right for you.
When you sign up and set your learning level. Whether Absolute Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. We give you a level-appropriate pathway.
There's Level 1 for Absolute Beginners, meaning you have no experience. Level 2 for Beginners with some experience and all the way to Level 5 for Advanced learners.
So, your learning experience is tailored to you and where you are in your journey.
Three: You can level up your language skills.
Instead of wondering if you're improving. How?
As you’re going through the pathway, you’re constantly learning with the lessons and you’re constantly getting tested on what you’ve learned. With our lessons and multiple-choice and hand graded assessments.
You’ll find the assessments peppered throughout the pathway after every few lessons. And, once you're finished with the Level 1 Absolute Beginner Path, we give you Beginner Level 2, then Intermediate Level 3 and all the way up to advanced.
Four: You can easily stay on track… and reach your language goal.
Sticking with goals can be hard. Especially when you don't see a clear path from where you are... to where you want to be.
But with the recommended pathways, you get a clear step-by-step pathway of lessons. All the lessons are laid out in front of you. Just do 1 lesson a day… and follow the path until the end. By the end of that pathway, you will level up your language.
So, if you're feeling overwhelmed with language learning and if you just want one clear pathway to follow…
Take advantage of our Recommended Learning Pathway. But if you don't yet have access… sign up for a free lifetime account right now. Just click the link in the description to sign up.