Lesson Transcript

Since you're learning the language… Do you also learn while you're on the go – like on the way to work or on a walk? Do you put small blocks of time to productive use?
If not, here's how. in this video, you'll discover...
How to Learn a Language - Anywhere, Anytime- with our Free App
Second, you'll find out How to Learn 2 times Faster with Study Tools
Third, How to Test Your Language Skills
Fourth. How to Learn with Your Own Teacher.
And Fifth: How to Get Free Bonus Language Lessons… just for watching this video. So, let's jump in.
One. How to Learn a Language in Minutes - Anywhere You Are
First, download our Innovative 101 App for your iPhone, iPad, or Android.
Just click the link in the description to download it…
And sign up for your free lifetime account.
Once you're in, we give you one clear pathway of lessons to follow. Just press play on a lesson, and you'll absorb a practical conversation - you'll also learn all of the words and grammar rules in minutes. Yes, in minutes because lessons are just a few minutes long. Which means you can easily learn the language while you're commuting to work, going to the store. Or while out on a walk. You can put that time to productive use.
Two: How to Learn 2 times Faster with Study Tools
If you're a serious learner and want to succeed with the language, check out our study tools to help you master words, grammar rules, and conversations even faster.
Just scroll down in the lesson to access the tools. You can:
Understand the conversation in full with the Line-by-Line Audio and the translations
Review the key lesson vocabulary with the vocab list.
And master the grammar with our in-depth lesson notes.
Three: How to Test &Practice Your Language Skills
You also get assessments after every few lessons to test you on what you've learned…and give you the chance to practice the language.
You'll find assessments peppered throughout the learning pathway…
And they'll only take a few minutes to complete… which means you can easily do them while you're out and about. You get results instantly… so that you know what you've mastered… and what your weak points are.
Four: How to Learn with Your Own Teacher on the Go
If you're a Premium PLUS member, you can also learn with your own teacher.
Just visit "My Teacher" inside the App.
There, you can interact with your teacher, practice writing, ask questions about the language, send audio and video recordings of yourself speaking the language, and get corrections and feedback — all of this through the App.
Five: How to Get Free Bonus Language Lessons
Since you've watched this far, here's a free bonus that many users don't know about. We release 3 to 5 new lessons a week, every week, non-stop and they're free for 3 weeks before going into our lesson library. Which means you can learn the language for free. And get new lessons every week... with our Innovative 101 app.
How? Just open up the menu inside the app and tap on "Newest" lessons to unlock them.
So, if you're not yet learning a language while you're on the go…
Here's your chance to turn those small blocks of time into something productive! Download the Innovative 101 App for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Just click the link in the description.