Lesson Transcript

You're learning a language, but… here's a question: Do you actually remember what you've learned?
Or do you forget everything a day later?
If you're forgetting everything and not making any real progress...
It might be because you're missing a crucial part of the learning process…the actual practice and assessment.
For that, you'll want the assessments inside our learning program.
And in this video, you'll discover...
One: How to Access the Assessments &Start Practicing
Two: How You'll Learn Faster and Remember Everything
And Three: How You Can Get Your Language Assessed by Native Teachers
Let's jump in.
1. How to Access the Assessments &Start Practicing
First, what are assessments?
These are multiple-choice and teacher-graded exercises that test you on what you've learned so far…
And give you a chance to practice your language so that you don't forget what you learned.
If you're learning with our language program, then you automatically get an assessment after every couple of lessons.
This is to make sure you're practicing and retaining the language.
If you haven't tried the study tool yet, sign up for a free lifetime account and get access right now. You'll find the assessments inside our recommended learning pathway.
2. How You'll Learn Faster &Remember Everything
So, after you've completed a few lessons,
you'll get a quick multiple-choice assessment...
That tests you on all the words and grammar rules you learned.
Answer the questions the best you can…
...and you'll get instant results… showing you what you got right and wrong.
That way, you’ll know if you've remembered anything…
and you’ll know what your weak points are.
But there's more...
Just by taking these assessments, you're improving your memory.
That's because you're using a science-backed learning method called…
... active recall. Active recall is where you try to recall…
or remember without looking at the answer...
… and in doing so, you strengthen your memory.
Plus, you get to practice and use the language that you've learned…
...instead of letting it fade away from your memory.
3. How You Can Get Your Language Assessed by Native Teachers
You also get hand-graded assessment exercises on speaking and writing…
...which are graded by our team of native teachers.
With these assessments, you can submit a recording of yourself speaking
...or submit a piece of writing…
And our teachers will assess your skills and give you feedback
Getting feedback from a native is one of the fastest ways to improve your language skills.
Remember, you'll find our assessment exercises peppered throughout our recommended learning pathway.
So, if you want to start learning the language with our learning program…AND make sure you remember everything with these assessments…sign up for your free lifetime account right now. Just click the link in the description.
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