Lesson Transcript

Every language learner wants to speak with confidence without struggling and without stopping to think of words. So, how do you do this?
In this video, you’ll learn 5 tactics to perfect your speaking.
Above all, every learner wants to speak in their target language with confidence.
We’ve run survey after survey, year after year, and the results are the same. Listening, reading, and writing are all important, but people want to improve their speaking the most. So, how do you perfect your speaking skills?
First: Shadow the dialogues you hear in the lessons.
What is shadowing? It's a learning technique where you mimic native speakers. In other words, you listen and then you repeat what they say. This is a fast and easy way to start practicing speaking. You can do this with any one of our audio or video lessons. And even easier, if you have access to the Dialogue section, you can read along out loud as you listen.
So shadow as much as possible to perfect your speaking and try harder lessons to take yourself to the next level.
Second: Read the dialogue out loud.
We just mentioned this in tip 1, but this tactic deserves it’s own special mention. Reading out loud is another easy way to practice your speaking. Simply read the lesson dialogue that’s available in the Dialogue section, the lesson notes or the lesson transcript. By reading out loud, you’re practicing your speaking skills.
And here’s a trick, if you can get yourself to read faster, you’ll be able to speak faster too! Natives tend to speak quickly and if you can too, that’s a sign that you’re improving.
Third: Record yourself speaking to perfect your pronunciation.
If you’re a Premium or Premium PLUS member, look for the voice recorder in the Dialogue section. With this tool, you can record yourself and compare your speaking to a native speaker. This is powerful because you instantly hear the difference between your speech and the authentic, native pronunciation. And then, you can easily perfect your speaking and pronunciation. If you don’t have a Premium account, record yourself with your smartphone. And while you can’t really compare, you CAN spot where you struggle or stutter.
This tactic is used by professional speakers, public speakers… just about anyone that has to give a presentation.
Fourth: If you’re a Premium PLUS member, record yourself and send it to your Premium PLUS teacher for feedback.
Here, you’re getting instant feedback from a native speaker. They’ll point out your mistakes, they'll tell you what to improve and how and record themselves and work with you until you reach perfection. That’s the power of having a native speaker give you feedback.
So, what do people usually record? Here’s an easy one: Record a 1-paragraph self intro. In fact, we ask all of our new members to do this. Give your name, your age, where you’re from, why you’re learning, and that’s it. It’s a great way to get started. Our more advanced students talk about their day. They send three recordings, in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. For example “I woke up at 7AM and brushed my teeth. I got ready for work. My train was a little late,” and so on. This can dramatically improve your speaking because you’re practicing conversations that people have all the time.
The fifth way to perfect your speaking: Premium PLUS assignments.
With this feature, you get weekly assignments based on your needs and goals, whether they’re reading, writing, listening or speaking. If you want to improve your speaking, your Premium PLUS teacher will send you speaking assignments non-stop, every week, and provide you with constant feedback. This is all part of your personalized learning experience.
So, take advantage of our tools and put these tactics to use. And remember, if you want to master your language with our complete language learning program, now is your chance.
So to test out these tips and start speaking now, check out our complete language learning program. Sign up for your free lifetime account by clicking on the link in the description. Get tons of resources to have you speaking in your target language. And if you enjoyed these tips, hit the "like" button, share the video with anyone who's trying to learn a new language, and subscribe to our channel. We release new videos every week! I'll see you next time. Bye!