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Want to improve reading in your target language?
In this guide, you'll discover the Top 10 Ways to Practice Reading... with our lessons and learning program. Let’s begin!
Number one: Start a Lesson and Read Along with the Lesson Notes
With every lesson, you get bonus Lesson Notes
These give you the lesson in writing. The Dialog, the vocabulary, and the grammar explanations.
So, as you listen to a lesson, read along with the lesson notes. By listening and reading along, you hear how each word is pronounced, and can easily keep up.
Number two: Read with the dialogue Study Tool
With the dialogue study tool, you get the line-by-line breakdown of a lesson’s conversation.
You get the text, the translation, the audio and - if applicable - the romanization, so you can read and listen to each line individually.
To practice your reading, re-reread and review each line until you master it.
Then, move onto the next line.
You get this feature in every one of our lessons.
Number three: Read Along with the Lesson Transcript
You also get transcripts with every lesson.
These are word-for-word scripts of everything that was said in the lesson.
..and are completely free to access.
So, use these to read along.
Number four: Download the PDF Notes and Transcripts
Want to practice reading on your own time?
Save the lesson notes and transcripts as PDFs to your device, and keep them forever.
That way, you can open them up and practice reading any time
You can also print the PDFs out to keep as physical reading material.
Number five: Practice with Extensive Reading Books
Extensive reading is a learning tactic where you read as many books as possible at a level that’s easy for you. And you follow these 2 rules: 1) You skip over words you don’t know and 2) you jump to a new book if the current one is boring.
The goal is to help you master reading, and vocab and grammar...
...simply by reading a lot without getting stuck over minor words.
You can find Extensive Reading books from Absolute Beginner Level to Advanced.
These are simple 1-line per page books and all of the translations are on the lesson page.
Look for the Extensive Reading Pathways in the Lesson Library.
You can also download these books as PDFs and print them out.
Number six: Take your time and read slowly
Whether you’re reading with the notes, books or the Dialog tool, be sure to take your time.
Read the line slowly on the first try, just like a child would when they start learning to read.
This allow you to get acquainted with every word.
Number seven: Then, Speed Up Your Reading
Once you’ve read a line slowly and are familiar with the words, start speeding up.
Re-read that same line a little bit faster on the second try, and then a little faster on the third try.
Doing this will help you read faster.
Number eight: Take the Reading Comprehension Video Lessons
These lessons are specifically designed to test your reading skills.
You’re presented with a real-life scenario (such a reading a sign at the train station) and are tested on the words presented on screen.
Don’t worry. You get the answer at the end.
And translations are available in the Dialogue Section.
Number nine: Get Reading Assignments from Your Premium PLUS teacher
You can also get assignments that cover listening, writing, speaking, and even reading from your teacher.
These assignments can be tailored to your goals and needs.
You get a new one every week...
...Or any time you are ready for a new one.
Number ten: Get Even More Lessons in the Lesson Library
If you want EVEN more reading lessons...
Then visit our Lesson Library, and under “Category,”
...choose “Reading and Writing.”
You get instant access to all of the pathways and lessons that will help you master all areas of the language, including reading.
And... if you’re ready to finally learn language the fast, fun and easy way...
And start speaking from your very first lesson...get our complete learning program...
Sign up for your free lifetime account right now. Click the link in the description.
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