Lesson Transcript

You've studied for a while and are ready to talk to people and practice what you've learned but where do you start?
Starting a conversation in a new language can seem a bit intimidating. How do you just jump into it?
In this video, we'll look at 5 ways to start conversations.
Number 1, Introduce yourself in your target language
This is usually one of the first things you learn when you start studying a new language.
And sometimes, starting a conversation, or continuing one, is as simple as introducing yourself.
Number 2, talking about the weather
This is a universal talking point. People talk about the weather all over the world. And just saying “it’s really nice today” is enough to start a conversation.
A great way to practice your weather conversation skills is to check out our can-do lesson pathway. This series of lessons teaches you how to talk about the weather in your target language.
Number 3, give compliments
Compliments are a great way to start a conversation.You can compliment something about their city, their country or even them!
"Hey, your bag is super cute." or "That ice cream looks delicious." These kinds of compliments can lead to further conversation about what you complimented. In this case it could be fashion or a local restaurant. This is a great way to make quick connections with people.
Number 4, ask for Help
For example, you can ask for directions, or about the price, recommendations for restaurants or shopping and let the conversation go from there.
People are usually happy to lend a helping hand to tourists who are visiting their city.
Number 5, learn Phrases for Transactions
This could include getting a room at a hotel. Or telling the taxi driver where to go.
When you are traveling overseas it's necessary to talk to other people in your target language. And while this might be a bit scary at first you'll find that the people you meet are just happy that you are trying to communicate with them.
So get started talking in your target language now.
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