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Do you want to Crush Your Language Learning Goals and Overcome Setbacks on the Road to Mastering a new language?
In this video, you will discover why learning goals are so vital to learning a new language and overcoming the inevitable setbacks you will encounter on your way to mastering the language. Here are some useful strategies you can use to crush your goals.
First, switch to Strategic Goals rather than general internal motivation.
People are motivated to learn a second language for any number of reasons, including personal enrichment, better career opportunities, or even meeting new people. However, unlike simpler goals which may only take a week or two to complete, learning a new language takes time and there will be occasional setbacks and failures.
So to reach your overall objective of mastering a new language, you need to learn how to motivate yourself and stay focused on the bigger picture.
To do so, it is vital to set specific strategic goals with an action plan.
Second, Reasons Learning Goals are vital to success.
Learning an entire language well enough to carry on full conversations with native speakers is certainly a goal. But with this as your primary objective, there is a long period of time between the time the goal is set and when it can be realistically attained.
The problem is that a failure to achieve an objective creates stress that can build until you either reach the learning goal or quit. The solution is to set more realistic strategic learning objectives that are easier to attain but still keep you on track to learning.
Here are some examples of strategic learning objectives that you might set on your way to mastering a new language:
Study for 10 Minutes Every Day
Complete 1 Lesson or Chapter Each Week
Learn 20 New Words Each Week
Complete 1 Lesson or Chapter Each Week
Or Even Learn 1 New Word Each Day
The key here is that your learning goals and objectives need to be very concise, attainable, and relevant to your overall objective. As long as you can see tangible progress towards your learning goal, your stress levels will be lower and you are far more likely to succeed.
Next, to learn a new language or virtually any new skill, you will need to make adjustments to your routine.
Simply telling yourself that you want to be able to speak fluently probably won’t force you to alter your daily or weekly routines. But when your strategic goals include learning a new word each day or a lesson every week, you are forced to alter your schedule to reach the goal or risk certain failure.
Although altering your schedule may cause some minor degree of stress at first, the added motivation you get from achieving goals quickly eliminates any initial discomfort. And the more strategic goals you complete each day or week, the faster you can achieve your larger goal of mastering the language. Inevitably, the key to achieving goals includes learning how to deal with the inevitable setbacks and failures. The great part about setting smaller, attainable strategic learning goals is that you can occasionally miss your objective but quickly make up for it.
So if you can’t finish a lesson one week, it’s entirely possible to either learn the lesson the following week—or even do two lessons the following week to make up for the initial failure. The point is that failing to achieve smaller, strategic learning goals won’t kill your motivation or derail your overall objectives.
There are many ways to crush your language learning goals using our program. First, check out our Custom Learning Paths which are Based on Your Specific Goals.
Learning Paths are designed to help you reach your specific learning objectives by providing you with step-by-step strategic goals. So, imagine you were about to travel and just wanted to learn enough essential language to navigate any potential emergency situations you might encounter.
Our language learning program has created a custom Learning Path for your goal that includes just 10 lessons, or strategic learning objectives. Once you complete the 10 lessons, your larger overall learning goal is complete!
Learning Paths are one of the most powerful features at our website and help you quickly and efficiently achieve larger learning goals and objectives.
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Our language learning program makes it easier and more convenient to achieve your smaller strategic goals so you can quickly reach your larger overall objectives in less time and with less stress.
Without setting realistic and attainable learning objectives and goals, your larger dream of mastering a new language might never be realized. Specifically, strategic objectives help to reduce stress, adjust your daily routine, and make it far easier to deal with the inevitable setbacks on your way to mastering a language. We have made it simple and easy for you to set and attain your strategic goals so you can successfully reach the larger goal of mastering your target language.
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