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Language apps aside, there are a number of ways you can learn and practice your target language with your smartphone.
Eight unique ways to learn language with your smartphone.
Stick around. In this quick guide, you'll discover
1. How to learn new words fast with your phone
2. How to practice speaking on your own and much more.
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So, here's how you can start learning a language with your smartphone.
If you're already thinking that getting an app is obvious, you're right.
There are hundreds of apps out there, but most only teach you words, which isn't enough if you want to actually speak the language.
With innovative language learning, you just press play on a lesson and listen to practical conversations in your target language.
You hear real speakers, real voices. And then, our teachers explain all the words and grammar rules from the conversation while you're walking or even driving.
Lessons are just a few minutes long, meaning you can learn quite a bit on a 10-minute commute.
So, download innovative language learning for free for the Android or iPhone.
Every day, you get a new word sent directly to your email.
And all you have to do is check the meaning, hear the pronunciation, and review the example sentences.
This is an effortless way to boost your vocabulary while you're on your phone.
Now, this tip is challenging, and you will have to look up words at the start.
But once you're over that early learning curve, you'll be able to use your phone in your target language and know all the words that come up.
If you're using apps like Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr, and you're following language learning accounts, you'll come across pictures and infographics teaching you various words and phrases. If you save those to your phone, you can quickly swipe through them for extra review, kind of like you would with flashcards.
You can also download our collection of hundreds of free language infographics and learn in that very same way.
All smartphones should come with a voice recorder, which you can use to practice speaking and listen to your own pronunciation.
You may not be able to fully judge your speaking, but you can tell if your speaking is fluid or not.
You can also send the recordings to native speakers for feedback, if you want.
If you're browsing the internet on your phone, chances are you'll come across new words and phrases in your target language.
You can copy and paste these into the Notes app, where you can review the word later.
Just change the language of your phone, and then try asking questions like, How are you? What time is it? And so on.
If the voice assistant understands you and replies, then you can be sure you're on the right track.
You already listen to music or podcasts on your smartphone, so it makes sense to listen to music and podcasts in your target language, where you can immerse yourself, improve your listening, and pick up new words.
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