Lesson Transcript

You say you want to learn and speak the language, but you never quite make the time for it.
Well, what if we told you there's an easy way to MAKE time and turn language learning into a habit, without carving out time, rearranging your schedule, or changing your life.
How to Use Habit Stacking to Learn &Create a Simple Learning Routine
Stick around. In today's guide, you'll discover
One, How to Use Habit Stacking to Create a Learning Routine
Two, How to Learn Language while You're on the Go
Three, How to Boost Your Vocabulary in Under a Minute a Day
And Four, How to Learn… While Relaxing
Plus more.
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What's habit stacking?
Habit stacking is an easy way to create new habits…
By stacking a new habit that you want to have…
On top of an existing habit that you already have
Why do this? Well, new habits are hard to stick with.
But your existing ones are already built into your brain.
So, by stacking or combining an existing habit with a new one. You're much more likely to stick with it. For example, if you commute to work or school in the morning, use that time to learn the language. Listen to an audio lesson of ours. So, here's what you can do with our learning system:
1. Learn with our app on your commute.
Download the Innovative Language Learning App for the iPhone or Android. And you can play our audio/video lessons, absorb practical conversations, pick up new words, phrases, and grammar rules.. all during your commute.
By the way, you also can apply this tactic to any other routine where it makes sense...
Like on a walk or while grocery shopping.
2. Learn new words when you check your email.
Do you tend to check your email at a certain time of the day?
If so, you can also pick up new words in your target language with our Word of the Day emails.
With the Word of the Day, you get new words… translations… and sample sentences, all delivered to your inbox, and all of this takes just a minute or less.
This service is free for anyone who has an account with us.
3. Relax in the evening while listening to language lessons…
If you tend to wind down in the evening with TV or podcasts, you can use that time to learn some language as well.
Just turn on our lessons and play them in the background.
Or, you can play our Vocabulary Slideshows, and passively review vocabulary in the same way.
You can access Vocabulary Slideshows for free inside our Vocabulary Lists.
By the way, if you've noticed, all of these suggestions include
1. Your existing habits like… commuting, taking a walk, checking email, or relaxing in the evening…
And 2. Your desired habit… learning a language.
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