Lesson Transcript

Want to learn more words? There's an easy way to boost your vocabulary and speak more of your target language. And it doesn't involve memorization.
In fact, all you need to do is press play and listen along as often as possible, and get used to the language. What does this mean exactly? Stick around.
How to Get "Used to" Words so You Can Learn Fast &Skip the Hard Work
In this guide, you'll discover:
1) How to Get Used to the Language &Learn without Hard Work
2) Why Listening Along &Increasing Your Exposure Will Boost Your Vocabulary
And 3) How Extensive Reading Can Help You Learn Words Faster
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Part 1; Why "Getting Used" to the Language is The Better Way to Learn
If you're learning any language, you've probably felt frustrated over the number of words, conjugations, variations, and exceptions that you need to know. And sure, you need to know them, but that doesn't mean you have to study and sweat over them.
There is an easier way to learn… and it's simply to "get used" to the language.
And "getting used to it" just means… you hear a word enough times to the point that you just know it naturally.
Just like you got used to riding a bike… or using a brand new keyboard or smartphone…eventually, it got easier.
And this can work with the hardest words and grammar rules too.
You get used to them over time… and suddenly… it's easy for you.
So, how exactly can you get used to the language and boost your vocabulary?
Part 2; Take our Conversation Lessons inside our Learning System
When you join, you automatically get a laid-out, step-by-step pathway of lessons to follow.
Just press play on a lesson, listen to a conversation in the target language. You hear it again with the translations.
Then our teachers explain every word and phrase and grammar rule. And then you hear it one last time.
And this is how you start getting used to all the words.
You're exposed to it 3 times, which is enough to get the words settled into your brain. And then, when you move on to lesson 2, lesson 3, and so on, you will encounter these words and phrases again which is MORE exposure. So as long as you're taking the lessons and listening to the dialogues, you're getting used to the language over time. You can also relisten to old lessons if you want. But if you don't,
Part 3; Listen to the Special Dialogue Tracks
The dialogue tracks give you just the conversation of the lessons no translations. So that you can review the conversations without retaking lessons, and immerse yourself in the language. And you can relisten to the conversations as much as you want to get used to all the words inside. Kind of like listening to a song until all the words are stuck in your brain.
Part 4; Play the Vocabulary Slideshow
If you just want to listen to words on repeat and get used to them that way. Then use our Vocabulary Slideshow tool, which you can find on every lesson and vocabulary list. Just press play and listen to the words on repeat until they're all stuck in your head. The Slideshow plays the audio while showing you the words on the screen, so that you can listen and read along.
Part 5; Read our Extensive Reading Books
Another proven way to get used to a language and boost your vocabulary is to just read more. Like listening, reading is another form of input… or exposure.
But what makes extensive reading so special is… extensive reading is a strategy where you read as much as possible… without stopping over unknown words… and continuing on.
It's quantity over quality.
So, you're not given hard material that you'll struggle over… but stories that you'll mostly understand.
In fact, our Absolute Beginner Extensive Reading Books are simple one or two-words-per-page books. Kind of like Kids books.
So, look for our Extensive Reading Pathway inside the Lesson Library and follow the lessons 1 by 1.
Extensive Reading Books are available for Absolute Beginner, Beginner, and Intermediate levels.
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