Lesson Transcript

Not enough time in the day.
This is one of the biggest reasons why people struggle with learning a language. Sure, you want to speak the language fluently, but you're already busy with work, school, relationships, TV shows, and goals that you just can't give up on. But the truth is, if you're going out and commuting, then you actually do have a bit of time which is actually enough to learn a language if you're learning the right way.
5 Easy Ways to Learn While on a Walk or on Your Commute
So in this guide, you'll discover:
How you can learn a language and make meaningful progress on your walks or commutes.
And how to apply these tips to our learning system, but you can also apply them to your other resources.
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So, how can you learn on a commute or a 10-minute walk?
Number one, Download our free App, Innovative Language Learning.
If you are already thinking that getting an app is obvious, you're right.
But many apps out there require you to be actively tapping and using your device, which may not be good if your commute involves driving.
With Innovative Language Learning, you can just press play on a lesson and listen to practical conversations in your target language – all hands-free. You hear real speakers, real voices. And then our teachers explain all the words and grammar rules from the conversation while you're walking or even driving. Each lesson is just a few minutes long, meaning you can learn quite a bit on a 10-minute commute.
Number two: Boost your vocabulary with the Word of the Day
This is another thing you can do on the go.
Our Free Word of the Day email lessons are sent daily and all you have to do is open up your phone, check the email, and learn the word. And that only takes a minute or less. Many of our existing learners like this study tool because even if they're too busy to do anything else, keeping up with the word of the day still keeps them on track with the language.
Everyone that signs up to our learning system gets the Free Word of the Day automatically.
So, if you want this study tool, just click the link in the description.
Number three: Swipe through our vocabulary and phrase images.
You know how you open up your photos App and swipe through to look at your pictures? Well, you can do just that… and learn words and phrases at the same time… with our Infographics.
Just download our free infographics. These contain several words per image, so you're not learning just one word at a time. And then swipe through while you're on a walk or on a commute. Of course, you can do this with other resources, too, like our PDF cheat sheets.
Number four: Listen to words and phrases on repeat with our Audio Slideshow.
Just visit our Free Vocabulary Lists inside the menu, pick a list, and select "play slideshow."
You can set this slideshow on a loop and play the words and phrases over and over while you're out on the go.
And number five: Learn with your teacher on the go.
If you're a Premium PLUS member, you can also use our App to interact with your teacher, ask questions, make recordings of yourself speaking, and get corrections.
Just tap on "My Teacher" on the bottom menu.
Many of our learners will spend a few minutes sending questions about grammar they've learned in the lessons.
And others send quick write-ups about their day for corrections.
So, go ahead and try any one of these tips and learn a bit of the language while you’re out on the go.
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