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Want to learn new words and phrases so you can speak more?
Stick around.
5 Simple Ways to Learn New Words + Phrases &Speak More
In this guide, you'll discover,
The 5 simple ways to pick up new words.
How to get the words played on repeat until they’re stuck in your head.
The one science-backed learning method that will help you remember the words.
How to learn through conversations instead of learning words one at a time, and much more.
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So, how can you pick up new words and phrases easily?
1. Learn through conversations with conversational lessons
The most pain-free way to pick up new words is through conversations. Why? Because it’s better to hear words in context and see how they’re used in actual sentences… instead of learning them one by one.
And with our audio/video lessons, you'll hear a quick conversation between two native speakers. And then you'll get every grammar rule and word explained, so that you understand everything and so that you know how to use the words in actual conversations.
2. The word of the day
Another simple way to pick up new words is with our free Word of the Day.
Many of our users love this free feature because it helps them create a habit of learning the language. Every day, you get an email with a word, the definition, and the audio pronunciation, and in just a minute or less, you've picked up a new word.
3. Use our spaced repetition flashcards
Spaced Repetition Flashcards are a powerful way to learn words fast… and actually remember them in the long run.
How? Here’s how they work.
Just start a session and start reviewing the words.
So, if you get a word wrong, you'll keep getting tested on it in that session until you get it right. Once you get the word right, you'll see it again in 2 days, then 5 days, then 13 days… and so on. And this is a science-backed method called spaced repetition learning. By spacing out the words, your memory gets stronger every time you come back to that word. Except, you don't have to remember to come back… because the flashcards will quiz you when the time is right. So, look for the flashcards in the vocabulary drop-down menu on the site.
4. Get access to 100s of free vocabulary and phrase lists
Now, if you want to learn words around a certain topic, then check out our free vocabulary lists inside that same vocabulary drop-down menu.
There, you'll get 100s of lists around common topics such as greetings, verbs, adverbs, the weather, and much more.
5. Learn words on repeat with the Vocabulary Slideshow
If you're the type of person who only learns after hearing something repeated multiple times then you'll want to check out our Vocabulary Slideshow study tool.
You'll find it in our lessons and the free vocabulary lists. With the Vocabulary Slideshow, you can play the words and the example sentences on repeat. With translations, without translations, and at whichever speed you want - fast or slow, until the words get stuck in your head.
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