Lesson Transcript

Can you really learn a new language all alone?
Learning a language without traditional classroom instruction may seem quite daunting at first.
What if you run into questions? How do you stay on track and motivated to achieve your goals?
Don’t worry, not only is it possible to learn any language without traditional classroom instruction, we have created the world’s most advanced and extensive online language learning system to help you do just that.
It is designed to help you learn a language on your own, and is actually faster, more convenient, and less expensive than traditional classroom options!
Here are 3 Reasons to Learn a Language Alone
Number 1: Learn at Your Own Pace and On Your Own Schedule
In today’s fast-paced world, there just isn’t time for traditional classroom instruction. But when you learn alone, you can study anywhere and any time that suits your schedule best. It makes it far easier to actually reach your goal of learning and mastering the language.
Number 2: Learning a Language on Your Own Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Speaking in front of a class, pop quizzes, and tests are just a few of the stressors you will encounter when learning in a traditional classroom setting.
Specifically, these are external stressors that often derail most people’s dream of learning a new language.
But when you learn alone, there are no external stressors.
Without the external stress and anxiety, it becomes much easier and exciting to study and reach your very own goals—all on your own!
Number 3: Learning Alone Helps Improve Cognitive Function and Overall Success
While classroom instruction requires more rote memorization and following instructions…
Studying a language on your own requires more problem-solving and higher cognitive function to self-teach lessons and hit goals.
So yes, learning a language on your own can be more challenging in some ways than being taught in a traditional classroom setting…
But teaching yourself a language pays dividends throughout life by better preparing you for social and professional opportunities that arise.
So, How do you actually Learn a Language on Your Own?
Number 1: Access to the World’s Largest Collection of Audio and Video Lessons
Ideally, you want audio and/or video lessons that teach vocabulary, grammar, and provide actual conversations and dialogue in your target language to help you with real pronunciation.
We have hundreds of hours of HD audio and video lessons on our website, created by professional teachers and actors to help you achieve perfect pronunciation.
Plus, all lessons can be accessed 24/7 via any device with internet access.
Number 2: “Learning Paths” with Courses Based Upon Your Exact Needs and Goals
Simply tell us your goals and we will identify the best courses and study plan to help you reach them in the shortest time possible. Even though you are technically learning a language on your own, our team is always here to help and make sure you reach your goals FAST!
Number 3: Advanced Learning Tools Reduce Learning Time and Boost Retention
When you have the right tools and learning resources, it’s actually easy to teach yourself a language! In the past 10+ years, we have developed, tested, and refined more than 20 advanced learning tools to boost retention and reduce learning time.
Eliminate stress and start learning at your own pace in bed, your car, or wherever you have a few spare minutes!
Our learning resources and tools are designed to help you get to the next level in the fastest, easiest and most fun way! Just click the link in the description to sign up for a FREE lifetime account.
So if you want to learn language, anytime, anywhere, sign-up for a free lifetime account by clicking the link in the description. Sign-up takes less than 30 seconds.
Click the link in the description and start learning right away!