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You want to learn and speak the language. And, you know that you need to learn more words so you can speak more, except, memorizing words is boring and painful work.
But, what if you could skip that hard work and quickly review words in minutes a day and actually remember them in the long run?
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How to Learn Words Fast without Forced Memorization
In this guide, you’ll discover..
One proven tactic for learning words… which is much easier than brute memorization
Two, Why you’ll actually remember what you’ve learned…
And three, how to pick up 100s of new words every month with one tool that all serious language learners love.
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So, what’s the best way to learn words… if you want to avoid the hard work of memorization?
It’s called spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is where you see a word today then you see it again tomorrow, then in a few days and so on, so that your learning gets spaced out over time.
Spaced repetition learning is backed by science and helps you actually remember words because..
First, you need repetition to learn anything
And second, you need to space out the learning over time… because your brain remembers better every time you come back to review.
And that’s something that won’t happen if you spend hours cramming today only.
Which is also why you forget everything after a test that you’ve crammed for.
So, how can you take advantage of this learning method… to learn more words?
Well, there’s a study tool that all serious language learners love — it’s called spaced repetition flashcards.
And you can find our Flashcards in the vocabulary drop down menu on the site.
Inside, you already have the 100 must-know words deck prepared for you so you can jump in and start learning right away.
You can also make flashcard decks from
Words &Phrases presented in our Lessons
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And our Free Vocab Lists
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Third, Once you start, the Flashcards track your progress and sort your cards for you.
So, the tough words that you struggle with. You will see them more often in a study session.
And the easy words that you get right they will start getting spaced out. You’ll see them again in 2 days, then 5 days, then 13 days… and so on. At which point, these words will start going into your long-term memory, and you’ll never forget them.
Once you’re done with a study session, that’s it for the day.
And all of this takes just a few minutes. Then, your flashcards will remind you when to study again… and start introducing new words… while spacing out the ones you already know.
And that way, you can easily master hundreds of words a month just by quickly reviewing words for a few minutes a day without the hard work of memorization.
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