Lesson Transcript

If you’re tired of knowing and speaking the language at a basic level…
…and want to express yourself fluently, just like native speakers…
…then, you’ll need to learn grammar. The problem? It can be tricky to learn.
But don’t worry. In this guide, you'll discover…
Where to get all of the grammar explanations you'll ever need…
The best way to learn grammar that’s right for your level…
And how to expose yourself to real examples until the rules become natural to you
…with a study tool called the Grammar Bank inside of our learning program.
But first, if you don’t yet have access to our program…
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So, what is the grammar bank?
The grammar bank is like a grammar dictionary, except online.
It’s a database of the must-know grammar rules and explanations…
…that makes it easy to look up specific rules and learn them.
Look for it in the top menu of our site.
How do you learn grammar with it?
The best way to learn grammar is NOT to just study roles…
But to learn in context…and hear the grammar used in real life.
And that’s exactly how you learn with our lessons.
You learn a quick conversation and hear how the grammar rules are used within that conversation.
But what if you come across grammar that you’re not familiar with?
Or what if you want to review a specific rule… without going back to re-do a lesson?
That’s where the grammar bank comes in.
You can look up grammar rules, and get the explanations, examples… and links to lessons where we cover these rules.
You can also sort grammar by learning level.
So, if you’re an Absolute Beginner and want to make sure you know all of the Absolute Beginner grammar rules…
…you can do just that with the Grammar bank.
You can also sort the rules by spelling, category, and lesson series.
And if you want to get used to the grammar patterns so that you can use them in conversation… and become fluent…
The best way is to expose yourself to examples as much as possible.
Grammar is hard at first… but gets easy once you get used to it with enough exposure.
Be sure to access the related lessons inside the grammar bank…
…and listen to the native conversations that use the rule… as much as possible.
So, if you want to become fluent and speak perfectly… you’ll need grammar…
Take advantage of the Grammar Bank… inside of our learning program
But if you don’t yet have access… sign up for a free lifetime account right now.
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