Lesson Transcript

If you want to successfully learn a language.
Then it’s all about time. The amount of time you spend learning and exposing yourself in the language.
And the more you expose yourself to the language… the better the words, phrases, and grammar rules you learned will stick… simply because you get used to them.
And for that? You need a ton of lessons and a ton of exposure.
The good news? You get just that with our lesson library, inside of our learning system.
How to Learn Tons of Language &Boost Your Exposure with the Lesson Library
And in this quick guide, you’ll learn all about it, how to level up your language, and boost your exposure.
But first, if you don’t yet have access to our language learning system.
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1. So, what’s the Lesson Library?
The Lesson Library is our collection of learning pathways all made by real teachers. From absolute beginner level, all the way up to the advanced level
There are hundreds and hundreds of lessons inside, including our 3-minute series, top 25 questions you need to know, conversational phrases video series, and more. Giving you all the lessons you need to learn and master the language.
And if that sounds like too much, don’t worry.
2. Here’s how you level up your language with our lesson library
When you join, you instantly get Recommended Pathway of lessons so you have a clear pathway of lessons to follow instead of wondering where to start.
Just look for the Recommended Pathway on your dashboard and at the top of the lesson library. The Level 1 pathway is for Absolute Beginners, Level 2 is for Beginners.. and you can go all the way up to Level 5, the Advanced level.
So if you follow the recommended pathways, you can take your language from zero, to speaking and understanding advanced conversations.
3. You can customize your learning to boost your exposure.
If you want to take on other lessons on top of the recommended ones…
…and expose yourself to more of the language
Just visit the lesson library. Scroll through the pathways available for your level.
And add the ones you like to your dashboard.
4. You can master speaking, reading, writing, and listening
Just sort the pathways by skill via the side menu inside the lesson library.
And find the pathway that’s right for you.
So, if you want to learn the language the fast, fun and easy way with our quick audio and video lessons. And get full access to hundreds and hundreds of lessons…
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