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Friday at 6:30 pm
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Como você faz para ir para o trabalho todos os dias?

How do you do to go to work everyday?

Wednesday at 10:43 pm
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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your question.

In this case the verb is referring to "casal" (couple), which in Portuguese is a singular masculine noun. Therefore, the verb is conjugated in the 3rd. person, singular: "estรก" (is).

Example for the verb in the 3rd. person, plural ("estรฃo" (are):

Eles estรฃo dirigindo (...)

They are driving (...)

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Team PortuguesePod101.com

Richard ashton
Wednesday at 11:07 am
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O casal casado estรก dirigindo na estrada do campo.

Could it also be o casal Casado estao dirigindo na Estrada do campo

Tuesday at 7:14 am
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Oi Jonathan,

Yes, that's right. You could say "andar de barco" or "andar de carro" or even "andar de bicicleta".

I hope it helps! Let us know if you have any further questions!


Team PortuguesePod101.com

Monday at 5:56 am
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Sorry, in reviewing the vocabulary, I missed the second definition of andar as "to ride." Would "ele estรก andando de barco" also be a correct use of andar?

Monday at 5:47 am
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The bebรช and the alunos both "estรก(รฃo) andando." Can andar mean to walk or ride? Or, should the translation have been "the students are walking to the bus?"