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Lesson Transcript

Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Hi everybody! I’m Paloma.
Welcome to PortuguesePod101.com’s “Português em Três Minutos”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Portuguese.
In the last lesson, we learned how to ask "Who" questions in Portuguese.
This time, we are going to ask questions with the interrogative word "Why?"
Imagine your boss is giving you a call because you are not at work today... He will certainly ask you Por que você não veio trabalhar hoje?
“Why didn’t you come to work today?”
[slowly] Por que você não veio trabalhar hoje?
So let’s break down this question.
First we had...
Por que, which is the basic translation of "Why" in Portuguese.
Você não veio means “you didn’t come”
Trabalhar which is "to
And finally hoje which is "today"
All together it is Por que você não veio trabalhar hoje?
So in Portuguese, Por que is the exact translation of "Why", used to ask the reason for something.
So for example, if your boss is asking you "Why are you late?" he will say Por que você está atrasado?
Here, he uses "Why" in order to get explanations and reasons.
Another common usage of Porque is to answer the question. But in this case, it becomes one word, porque.
So, in this case, porque? is closer to the meaning of "because." For example, you could excuse yourself for not going to work by saying Porque eu estou doente, meaning “Because I’m sick.”
Now it’s time for Paloma’s Points.
Porquê has also another meaning. The writing is a little different from the previous ones, but the reading is the same- porquê.
It means “reason” or “cause” as in O porquê da vida, “the reason of life”. This is the only porque that you can use in the plural form - Os porquês da vida, “the reasons of life”.
Before ending this lesson, Let’s review all the ways to translate "Why" in Portuguese-
- Por que is the basic translation of "Why," as in Por que você está atrasado? "Why are you late?"
- Porque which is "because”, as in “Because I have a fever.” Porque eu estou com febre.
This lesson is the last lesson of this Absolute Beginner’s video series.
But it’s hopefully not the last you learn about the Portuguese language! To take your language ability to the next level, check out PortuguesePod101.com, the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Portuguese.
Até a próxima!!


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Tuesday at 05:52 PM
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Olá Krysta!

Thanks for posting. We are very happy that you're enjoying the course and the videos. Thank you!:heart:

Your suggestions are always welcome!

For a 1-on-1 Instruction, you can upgrade your plan to Premium + (plus). This way you will be able to have personal instructions from one of our Portuguese teachers via Premium Plus My Teacher :wink:

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Team Portuguesepod101.com

Krysta Cashen
Friday at 02:17 PM
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I would also like to ask if I could get like some private lessons from you. What I'm saying is could I get some one on one time with you because I would love to work with you because you are amazing and an awesome Portuguese speaker! Thanks! :D

Krysta Cashen
Friday at 12:26 PM
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Oi Paloma! Me nome Krysta. Prazer! I absolutely love your videos! I've learned so much from you and I love learning the Portuguese language from you! You're very helpful! I have one request though. Would you be able to post a video teaching conjugations of verbs. Other than that, you're doing great! Thanks! :sunglasses::wink::thumbsup:

PS: Eu te amo!! :heart:


PortuguesePod101.com Verified
Wednesday at 03:20 PM
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Olá Monica,

Uau! O seu português é muito bom!

Wow! Your Portuguese is very good!

Most lessons on PortuguesePod101 are for Brazilian Portuguese, but we'll soon launch a new series for European Portuguese Survival Phrases from this week :smile:

A maior diferença é na pronúncia e algumas palavras que são diferentes, por exemplo, em Portugal se diz "comboio" e no Brasil, "trem".

The biggest difference is in the pronunciation and some words that are different. For example, in Portugal they say "comboio" and in Brazil, "trem" (for train).

Mas sabendo falar português, mesmo que brasileiro, é muito provável que as pessoas irão te entender, ou se estiver muito difícil para explicar, você pode tentar escrever em um papel :wink:

But if you know how to speak in Portuguese, even if it's the Brazilian accent, it's very likely that they'll understand. Or if it's too difficult to explain, you can try writing it down.

Espero que você também goste das nossas aulas em português de Portugal :smile: E não esqueça de nos escrever para contar como está o seu progresso!


Team PortuguesePod101

Monica Z
Wednesday at 02:54 AM
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Olá Paloma e obrigado por sua mensagem.

Eu quero aprender português porque tenho comprado recentemente um apartamento em Portugal (Lagos) e eu quero falar com os nativos, enquanto lá. Eu planejo passar muitos dias de sol por lá. Você nunca sabe, eu também pode visitar Brasil um dia! Eu amo o som da língua Português e é uma língua latina, como é minha língua nativa romeno. Gostaria muito de receber qualquer ajuda sobre as diferenças entre o Brasil Português e Português Europeu.

Hello Paloma and thank you for your message.

I want to learn Portuguese because we have recently purchased a flat in Portugal (Lagos) and I want to speak to the native people while there. I plan to spend many sunny days over there. You never know, I might also visit the beautiful Brazil one day! I love the sound of Portuguese language and it is a Latin language as is my native Romanian language. I would appreciate any help on differences between Brazil Portuguese and European Portuguese.

PortuguesePod101.com Verified
Wednesday at 10:30 AM
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Olá Monica,

Muito obrigada pelo comentário!

The entire PortuguesePod101 team and I are glad to know you enjoyed our series!

Please leave your comment and suggestions to new series for PortuguesePod101!

Also, please try to answer this Portuguese question :wink:

Porque você está estudando português?

I'm curious to see your answer!


Team PortuguesePod101

Monica Z
Wednesday at 03:06 AM
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Hi Paloma,

Thank you very much for your tips; as advised I did download the video and I can view it that way.

Thank you once again and I did enjoy your video very much; you are very creative and inspiring! I will definitely go trough all the lessons and do my best to learn the beautiful Portuguese language fast! :smile:

PortuguesePod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 10:50 AM
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Oi Monica,

I'm really sorry to hear that. It is working fine for me.

We're trying to fix this issue. In the meantime, the best solution is to try downloading the video, or watching it with Google Chrome browser (it seems to work better on Chrome).

Can you try it, and let me know if it works?

If not, I'll make sure to find you another solution!

Thank you,


Team PortuguesePod101

Monica Z
Monday at 02:08 AM
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Hi dear Paloma,

I did enjoy the lesson very much but I don't know why I cannot view the videos. It seems that it applies to all the videos on Portuguese101.com. It looks like loading the content all the time. I have tried saving it on my computer but it did not work that way either. I know that my Internet connection is very good. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks, Monica.