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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to PortuguesePod101.com’s Português em três minutos. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Brazilian Portuguese.
Oi,  meu nome é Paloma. Prazer! Hi, I'm Paloma. Nice to meet you.
In this series, we’re going to learn basic Portuguese expressions.
It’s super easy and it takes only three minutes! It also takes only three sentences.
In this lesson, you're going to learn how to introduce yourself in Portuguese. It may vary a little depending on the person you are talking to.
Let’s first look at the most common way.
Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Prazer em conhecê-lo. Hi, I’m... It’s a pleasure to meet you.
[slowly] Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Prazer em conhecê-lo.
Start by saying, Oi, meu nome é... then, say your name. Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Finally, say Prazer em conhecê-lo.
Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Prazer em conhecê-lo.
Please should pay attention to the end of the sentence. This version is only used if you are introducing yourself to a man, because you say conhecê-lo.
If you are introducing yourself to a woman, you should use conhecê-la.
So the full sentence to introduce yourself to a woman would be Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Prazer em conhecê-la.
There is a quick tip to help you if you don’t remember which article to use in the end of the sentence. Just say Prazer!
Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Prazer.
Let’s check what you’ve learned! Based on who I’m talking to, try to remember how to introduce yourself!
A. Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Prazer.
B. Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Prazer em conhecê-la.
C. Oi, meu nome é Paloma. Prazer em conhecê-lo.
When you introduce yourself in Brazil, it's polite to shake hands. This is used in formal situations.
In a more informal situation, people may kiss you in the chick. The number of kisses may vary from person to person or region. Some people only kiss once, but others may kiss you two or even three times!
Now it’s time for Paloma’s point.
If you are introducing yourself to a group, you should say either conhecê-los or conhecê-las. If the group is all men, or a mix of men and women, say conhecê-los. If the group is women only, use conhecê-las.
Do you know how to say "thank you" in Portuguese? You'll learn how to say this and many other words in the next lesson. Tchau tchau! See you then!


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Let's introduce ourselves in Portuguese!

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Hello Skipper,

Thank you for posting.

We're glad to hear that you're interested in Portuguese language!

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Team PortuguesePod101.com

Sunday at 06:46 AM
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Hello again

I needed some help on learning Portuguese

I really don't know how to start and I want to be fluent until march2017

But it seems kinda impossible .

So i thought i would leave u a comment I how u will help me

When I took a look at Portuguese grammar I sort got disappointed and wanted to quit an leave it for next But I said to myself it's not worth it I downloaded all videos and audios and getting hrlp from areally great and helpfulnwebsite thats all because i cant wait till i get fluent in portuguese .

Any advice on not giving up(motivational thing)

Thank you and thau:heart:

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Tuesday at 09:52 AM
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Hello Skipper,

Thank you for asking about the upgrade. No matter where you live, you'll be able to process the payment.

I'll pass your message to our customer service representative, so that they can help you directly.

Thank you again,


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Tuesday at 02:32 AM
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Thank you for recording.

But I really don't know how it works.

I can't upgrade my account I don't know why

Does it it depend on the country we live in?

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Hi Skipper,

Thanks for your message! It's great you're enjoying studying so many languages! I also like to study and I'm currently learning Japanese with Japanesepod101.com :wink:

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If you have any doubts, please let us know :wink:


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Tudo bem?

It's been a while since I've started learning Portuguese

And it's been great.

But I Have a little problem with learning I'm currently learning Italian and Spanish too and for both of them I'm using their websites.

But I need your help I'm a student and I'm 16 so it's a bit hard for me to manage my time to study Portuguese

But I'm really happy that I can learn a new language

Can u tell me how to manage my time to study these three languages?

I always arrive home at 2:30 pm and I only have 5or9 hours to use all these.

Do u have any suggestions for me.?

Thank u for being so supportive.

I really really appreciate it.

and also my last request is there any way to contact with you and your instructers something like using Skype or I don't know something that we can ask our questions directly besides commenting.

I really like jade from weekly words can I contact with her I want her to help me with Portuguese grammar

Thank u for responding!

Muito obrigada.


Tuesday at 07:36 PM
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Hi Skipper,

Thanks for posting.

Well, regarding pronunciation, there's a natural variation here in Brazil, due to the different regions of the country and their accents. However, the word "prazer" as spoken in this Lesson's video by Paloma is the sound/pronunciation we use here in São Paulo, for example.

Regarding "por favor", here's a link to help you practicing pronunciation (there are different speakers, so you can practice your listening skills too :)


As for European Portuguese:

There are differences which are immediately noticed when you speak to a European Portuguese speaker vs. a Brazilian Portuguese speaker: the pronunciation and accent is very particular to each one of these.

You’ll also find differences in grammar and vocabulary. However, we also offer courses in European Portuguese, in case you want to learn more about it:

https://www.portuguesepod101.com/index.php?cat=39 (Learn with Pictures and Video: European Portuguese – 25 lessons)

https://www.portuguesepod101.com/index.php?cat=38 (In this module, Throwback Thursday, you’ll find many European Portuguese lessons – please check lessons 141, 177, 187, 190, 215, and 233).

If you have any further doubts, please let us know.


Team Portuguesepod101.com

Monday at 08:06 AM
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Your website is really great for learning Portuguese

But while I was studying the self introduction and also I was listening to the audio of greetings.

I got confused in some pronouciations like the word (Prazer)in the video when paloma says it you can hear the (r)sound at the end of the word but in the audio i heared the sound of (h) at the end and now I don't know which one is correct?

I actually had the same problems with the word (por favor) I don't know I should pronounce it with the (r) or(h) At the end.

Can you please tell the difference between these two pronunciations?

And also my last question is are all the pronunciations of each word In both audios and videos correct?

And is there a huge difference Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese?

What is the main differences?

Thanks for responding

Multi obrigada:thumbsup:

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Monday at 10:47 AM
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Oi Nidija!

Bem vinda ao PortuguesePod101!

Welcome to PortuguesePod101!

Meu nome é Paloma! Prazer!

Team PortuguesePod101

Saturday at 02:57 PM
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Oi! Meu nome e' Nidija