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Lesson Transcript

Hello, this is Jade Furuta and welcome to another Portuguese weekly words. So, today’s topic is Eletrônicos da Casa. Home Electronics.
The first one is aspirador de pó, “vacuum cleaner”
Eu não tenho um aspirador de pó.
I don't have a vaccum cleaner. I do it old school with the broom.
forno, “oven”
Eu tenho um forno enorme na minha casa. Eu tenho um forno enorme na minha casa.
Enorme means “huge.”
I have a huge oven in my house. Because it’s very common to make pies and steak and cakes.
panela de arroz elétrica, panela de arroz elétrica “electric rice cooker”
No Brasil, não usamos panela de arroz elétrica muito.
In Brazil, we don't use electric rice cooker very often.
We just cook it in the regular pot with some oil, olive oil, garlic, onion and we make Brazilian rice.
secador “hairdryer”
Secador actually just means “dryer” and you could also say secador de cabelo which means “hairdryer.”
O meu secador acabou de quebrar.
My hair dryer just broke.
máquina de lavar roupa “washing machine”
Minha máquina de lavar roupa é muito moderna.
My washing machine is very modern.
Acabou! Finished. Thank you very much for watching. I hope you learned some really useful words and see you next time. Tchau tchau!


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Oi gente ,

Since it is an intermediate level, I feel that there is too much talking in English in Jade's videos.

Simple things like saying hello, bye and introducing herself, should be done in Portuguese, né ?

She seems nice and lively but I must admit that I find disappointing that constant use of English.