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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Jade Furuta and welcome to Portuguese weekly words. Today’s theme is Being Sick. I have a few tricks I follow. Always wash your hands and always gargle and one more thing, lemon water. I am just never sick after that.
alergia. I think this one is easy to guess right?
alergia means “allergy”
Eu tenho alergia a pólen.
I am allergic to pollen.
dor de cabeça “headache.” Dor means “pain” and cabeça means “head.” dor de cabeça
Ontem à noite eu tive um pouco de dor de cabeça.
Last night I had a little headache. But I am perfectly fine now. Estou bem agora. I am good now.
dor de estômago. Dor de estômago means “stomachache”
Eu tenho dor de estômago quando eu como muito doce.
I have stomachache when I eat too many sweets. Yes, I have a sweet tooth. So I have to control myself.
gripe means “flu”
Eu não pego gripe há muito tempo.
I haven’t caught the flu in a long while.
resfriado “cold”
Eu acho que eu peguei um resfriado.
I think I caught a cold.
Acabou! The end. Thank you very much for watching. Muito obrigado! E até mais!

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