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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Jade Furuta and welcome to Portuguese weekly words. Today’s theme is Famous Brazilian food, wow! I really like this topic, especially because it’s Brazilian food. Umm
Feijoada. This is probably the most famous Brazilian dish. Feijoada is black beans. It looks a lot like a stew, a very dark stew. So the first time you see it, some people get a little bit scared because it’s like black, like really black. It’s normally a very strong flavor and a really nice smell. There are pieces of pork in it, like pork tail, ears. The reason is because this is a slave dish. It’s amazing! Uma delícia! So delicious.
Eu adoro comer feijoada.
I love to eat feijoada.
pastel, a very popular snack. It’s very common to eat “pastel” with sugarcane. It’s a deep fried pastry and there is filling in it. You can choose, there is like cheese, pizza, chicken, meat. There are like many, many different flavors and you can just pick the one that you like. It’s definitely a must try.
Vamos à feira comer pastel.
Let's go to the market and eat pastel.
quindim. Quindim is a tiny yellow sweet that you can often buy in bakeries. A easy way to explain it, it’s half cake and half pudding
Eu não como quindim.
I cannot eat quindim. But you should try because this is also a very popular sweet in Brazil
paçoca is a very cheap and popular sweet among kids. Pretty much everywhere you can find this little square that it’s made of peanut.
A minha mãe adora paçoca.
My mother loves paçoca.
brigadeiro. Yes, it already makes me smile. Yeah I would say my favorite Brazilian sweet. Super, super sweet. It’s very easy to make. Actually it is just a condensed milk and cocoa powder and some butter. You have to mix a lot and if you overcook, it’s going to become a candy. You don’t want that.
Hoje eu vou fazer brigadeiro e assistir filmes.
Today I'm gonna make brigadeiro and watch movies. Umm I love doing that, it’s great.
Oh that’s it, the end. Thanks for watching today’s Portuguese weekly words. I hope you enjoyed yourself and I hope I didn’t make you too hungry and I will go check out some recipes. Have a great day. Tchau!