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Lesson Transcript

Oi gente! Hello everyone, this is Jade Furuta. Welcome to another Portuguese weekly words. So, vamos lá! Let’s start. Today’s theme is the Solar System. So let’s just see what happens.
Júpiter. You can make a joke :
Onde você está?
Where are you?
Você está em Júpiter?
Are you in Jupiter? You know, when you are just like “ahh…”
lua “moon”
lua cheia
full moon
Hoje a lua cheia está linda! Olhe só.
Today the full moon is beautiful. Just look at it.
Marte “Mars,” actually, all I can think of is Bruno Mars right now. “It will rain…” I don’t want to sing, sorry.
Marte é um planeta.
Mars is a planet. Actually I met Bruno Mars in person.
sol “Sun” Ah, I have a good one. When you like someone a lot, you can say:
Você é o meu raio de sol.
You are my sunshine. Nice, huh! Who doesn’t like that?
satélite “satellite”
O satélite foi para a lua.
The satellite went to the moon.
Acabou! Finished. Obrigada por assistir. Thanks for watching. Um beijo grande! Tchau tchau!