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Lesson Transcript

Oi gente! Hello everyone, this is Jade Furuta, welcome to Portuguese weekly words. So let’s check out our theme today. Rooms in your house, interesting. I actually live in a house now after a long time living in tiny apartments. And our first word is:
banheiro. Banheiro means “bathroom”
Onde fica o banheiro?
Where's the bathroom?
cozinha “kitchen”
Minha cozinha agora é muito grande.
My kitchen now is very big, I like to cook and you? Do you know how to cook Brazilian food?
quarto “bedroom”
O meu quarto é muito pequeno.
My room is very small.
Quarto also means “forth”
sala de estar “living room.” Actually it’s more common to hear “sala” which means “room.” If you are talking about a house or if you are in a house, you can just say “sala.”
Estamos na sala assistindo filme.
We are in the living room watching a movie.
sala de jantar “dining room”
Minha sala de jantar foi renovada.
My dining room was renovated.
That’s it, that’s how you can talk about your house now. I hope you liked it and I hope you learned some new words. Obrigada e um beijo! Tchau tchau!