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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Oi gente! this is Jade Furuta and welcome to our Portuguese weekly words. Let’s start, Clothing Actions.
colocar “to put on”
Vou colocar esse colar.
I'm going to put on this necklace.
combinar “to match”
Tem que combinar com os seus sapatos.
It has to match your shoes.
experimentar. I really like this word. “To try on,” it also means “to experiment.”
Vou experimentar esse vestido.
I am going to try on this dress.
Vou experimentar algo novo.
I am going to try something new.
lavar “to wash”
Odeio lavar roupas. Odeio lavar louça.
I hate to wash clothes. I hate to wash dishes. It’s something I used to hear a lot:
Vai lavar a louça, menina!
Go wash the dishes, girl!
tirar “to take off”
tirar a roupa
to take off your clothes
tirar foto
to take pictures. I love to take pictures.
That’s it, this was our Portuguese weekly words. Are you learning fast? I hope so, see you next time! Tchau tchau!


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Which word do you like the most?

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Isso mesmo William!

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Tirar can mean to take off. It can also be used for "tirar o lixo" as in take out the garbage.


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Vídeo excelente e profesora muita bonita !