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Lesson Transcript

Olá gente! How was your week? This is Jade Furuta and welcome to another Portuguese weekly words. Today’s theme is At a Hotel. I love traveling. So I also love staying in a hotel. It’s so much fun!
cama de solteiro, cama de solteiro, “single bed”
Esse quarto tem duas camas de solteiro.
This bedroom has two single beds.
cama de casal, cama de casal, “double bed”
Eu prefiro ter uma cama de casal.
I’d rather have a double bed. Of course, that’s so much better.
chave, chave, “key”
Meu Deus! Eu perdi a minha chave!
Oh my God, I’ve lost my key! Thank God, that never happened to me but I’ve seen people in this situation and it’s not fun. So be always very, very careful so they don’t charge you a lot for a new key. Umm Muito cuidado! Be very careful!
reserva, reserva, “reservation” That’s an easy one, right!
Esse hotel é muito popular. Você precisa fazer reserva. Esse hotel é muito popular. Você precisa fazer reserva.
This hotel is very popular, you must make a reservation.
serviço de despertador “wake up service”
Vamos usar o serviço de despertador.
Let’s use the wake up service. You don’t want to be late right? Don’t miss your flight!
Acabou! Muito obrigada por assistir! Thank you very much for watching, I hope you are learning a lot and see you next week. Beijo, tchau tchau! Thank god! Ah!


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