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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, welcome to Portuguese weekly words. I am Jade Furuta and I am going to introduce today’s topic. Today’s theme is Home appliances.
Our first word is ar condicionado. I want it right now actually. It’s pretty hot in here.
Ar condicionado means “air conditioner”
Eu queria ter um ar condicionado.
I wanted to have an air conditioner.
Next word is aspirador de pó that means “vacuum cleaner.” Aspirador means “to vacuum” and pó actually means “powder.”
Eu não tenho um aspirador de pó.
I don't have a vaccum cleaner.
fogão “stove”
Eu tenho um fogão maravilhoso.
I have a wonderful stove.
Yes, that’s true. I have a big stove at home and I can bake cakes anytime but I don’t. I love Brazilian cake, you should try as well, chocolate cake, it’s really rich and heavy and super sweet.
máquina de lavar roupa “washing machine”
You could say - Eu comprei uma máquina de lavar roupa novinha.
That means - I just bought a brand new washing machine.
I actually have a brand new washing machine in my house and I am really happy with it because when I am in a hurry, there is this magic button that you can dry the clothes without having to use a separate machine and I am saved.
ventilador, ventilador, ventilador means “fan.”
À noite, eu deixo o ventilador ligado. That means, “At night, I leave my fan on.”
Oh that’s it. Thank you for watching. Today’s theme was home appliances and I hope these words are useful for you. Big kiss, tchau tchau!

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