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Lesson Transcript

Oi gente, tudo bem? Eu estou muito bem! I'm Jade Furuta and welcome to Portuguese weekly words! Today's theme is Food! I’m so hungry now. Ok let's go!
1. arroz "rice"
No Brasil nós comemos arroz todos os dias. "In Brazil we eat rice every day."
Yeah, most of the time we eat beans and rice everyday, it’s the most typical food in Brazil.
2. doce "candy"
Eu adoro comer doce. "I love eating candy."
So good! I like doce de leite, that is, doce de leite is like caramel milk cream. My dad can make it, like homemade is the best. If you have the chance should definitely try, it’s amazing.
3. carne "meat"
Eu não como muita carne. "I don't eat much meat."
Even though in Brazil most of the people eat meat every day at least a little bit.
4. frutos do mar "seafood"
Fruits of the sea, it’s how you translated it.
Eu como bastante frutos do mar. "I eat a lot of seafood."
Actually I love seafood.
5. bolo "cake"
Eu amo bolo de chocolate. "I love chocolate cake."
Especially Brazilian, oh my god, it's my favorite! It's so delicious, it's my favorite sweet ever! Brazilian chocolate cake! If you try Brazilian chocolate cake, you’ll never be the same!
Acabou! Obrigada por assistir, and I’ll see you next week! Um beijo. Tchau!

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