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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone! This is Jade Furuta, and welcome to Portuguese weekly words. Today's theme is Clothes. Yay! I like this topic.
1. calça “pants”
Eu normalmente não visto calças. I normally don't wear pants.
No, I don’t like pants, they’re uncomfortable, and they’re tight. so I avoid winter as much as possible. I try to always be in a warm country during winter.
2. camiseta “T-shirt”
Eu ganhei essa camiseta de lembrança. I got this T-shirt as a souvenir.
Obrigada! Thank you!
3. casaco “coat”
O seu casaco está logo ali. Your coat is right there.
4. vestido “dress”
Eu tenho muitos vestidos de festa. I have many party dresses.
Yeah! I love dancing! I love buying dresses!
5. manga comprida “long sleeve”
Hoje está frio. Eu vou vestir manga comprida. Today is cold. I'm gonna wear long sleeves.
Acabou! The end! Você está aprendendo? Are you learning? Espero que sim. I hope so.
So thank you for watching, and I’ll see you soon. Um beijo, tchau!
Wooo! Brazil!